Johnston is a mark of the running group from Scotland. Osiris Cullen was a great business man, he was always fair, but he always wanted more. He began to barter for more in every deal he made, but one day, he crossed the wrong clan, and they vowed to destroy him and his clan. He feared for his life, and quickly deported to the U.S. in 1746, there he changed his surname to Johnston, and he began anew. Johnston's are planning to get revenge on the threatening family, and if you are one, you know who they are too.
That business man is a Johnston, I can tell by the way deals in his favor...
by Nathanyl April 05, 2011
Top Definition
Totally awesome name... comes from Ireland, so you can imagine how beautiful a girl with the last name Johnston is...Very true and sweet, beautiful eyes and hair
He man that girl is beautiful..... she must be a Johnston
by Banushka December 22, 2008
A surname originating in Scotland. Some of the Johnstons moved to Ireland, and later to the United States. The meaning of the name is "John's town." The family crest is a winged spur and the family motto is "Nunquam Non Paratis" (Never Unprepared). Related to the surnames Johnstone and Johnson.
Famous bearers of this last name include Confederate generals Albert Sidney Johnston and Joesph Eggleston Johnston, Disney animator Ollie Johnston, and musician Daniel Johnston as well as several atheletes and politicians from both the US and the UK.
by Marvelous_Things April 01, 2009
Comes from the abreviation for Johns Town,

a town full of toilets or also known as a shit hole
Dude I have to move...its a Johnstonhere
by indybob April 09, 2009
1.(verb) To quickly leave place or situation in haste.
2. (verb)To cut out on a bill or check.
"Dude, I was getting a hand job, and when she told me the price I freaked and totally pulled a johnston out of the joint!"
by BN'G August 28, 2007
most of theese live in barrow in furness a place you can walk within 100m and step on dog shit and find a chav, most of the johnstons are dirty grimey people most likley gypsys called ali who think the are hard but really have no friends
inbred is one of the many word i could use to describe this type of person know as the johnston's
by guesswho1234567 November 02, 2010
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