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Johnny Gat is one badass motherfucker from the Saints Row Trilogy. You seriously don't want to fuck with this guy.
Judge - "I'm curious if u can keep your cavalier attitude when 2,000 volts are running through your body"
Johnny Gat - "Oh yeah? Well I'm curious if u can keep acting like a douchebag when I shove that gavel up your ass."

(^ Saints Row 2 quotes)
(v Saints Row 3 quotes)
Phillipe - "I am not french , I am belgain."
Johnny Gat - "So go make yourself a fucking waffle , we're done here"
by NewReckoner99 November 19, 2011
A Charachter in Saints Row and Saints Row 2
Johnny Gat: "Thanks for busting me out, Aisha would have killed me if I got executed"
by shocksock August 27, 2010