two words: DAMN FINE
If every guy looked like Johnny Depp there would be no lesbians in the world.
by Michelle October 02, 2003
beautiful beautiful man.
fantabulous actor.
that johnny is hot and a good actor.
by beautiful banana February 28, 2005
the only 40 year old i eyeball, hottest man alive.
Birth name: John Christopher Depp
Birthday: June 9, 1963
Birth Place: Owensboro, Kentucky
Greatest Movie: Pirates of the Carribean
Movies I've Seen: Pirates of the Carribean, Sleepy Hollow, Nightmare on Elm Street, Secret Window, and Edward Scissorhands

10 things that are awesome about hin

-He has got the nicest cheekbones I've ever seen.
-Awesome style, looks good in anything he wears
-Firey Hot Voice
-Sexy Man
-hes JOHNNY DEPP! need i say more?
-good actor
-he was voted by People Magazine as sexiest man alive
-He's got nice abs
-Great Smile
-Im have a fan club of him. Wanna Join?

Ashley: Look It's Johnny Depp!
Shelbie: -faints-
Ashley: -faints
Tiff: -faints
Scott: I'm Not Gay - runs away
Levi: -sulks about- I love linzy!
Linzy: Johnny Depp is ugly
Johnny Depp: -slaps linzy-
by Shelbie June 10, 2004
hottest man alive. A man of talent. The best actor in the world. Sexist man alive.
"Johnny Depp is mega hot"
by Pirate lover July 14, 2004
A great actor who's starred in many movies, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride (as a voice actor), and more.

Sadly, the majority of his fans are all airheaded teenage girls who say he's the best actor ever just because he's "OMG SOOO HAWT!1!" and keep saying that they'll get him in bed someday. Just read the other definitions posted on this site. About 98% of them are praising him solely on his looks.

Sure, he might be good-looking for a guy, but jeez, grow up, all of you! Don't just look at his movies to see HIM, but appreciate the whole movie too! Learn to like him for his ACTING skills and not just his LOOKS. Oh, and stop dreaming too. He's not gonna go out with someone 30 years younger than him. Just forget about it.
Typical Johnny Depp fan: OMFG I LUVVV Johnny Depp he's like OMG SOOO SEXEH!!1!

True Johnny Depp fan: I like him too. He's a great actor and the movies he's in are all awesome.

Typical Johnny Depp fan: Whuh? Actor?? I only liek him cuz liek he's OMG SOOO SEXEH!!1! He's guna be mah HUZBUND!1!

True Johnny Depp fan: ... Go shoot yourself in the head, moron.
by SomeBadJoke October 28, 2006
johnny depp is the hottest guy in the whole world! not only is he sexy n looks great in eye-liner, but he dosent exactly go with the flow, n thats what sets him apart from all the other dead-beat actors!
'd-i-v-o-r-c-e divorce u ingnorant hick!'
by billie_joe March 21, 2005
hot hot hot!
my hot grandma in spandex on a hot summer day ((oo yeah))
by taylor April 11, 2004

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