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Being ready to perform a task or duty right away, being there for something;reliable
When the firefight starts, you have to be my Johnny on the Spot with the ammo.
by Jeff K July 17, 2005
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Something, or some person performing an action in precise manner as expected by another party.

Being on time or in the correct place.
Hector, You were hella johnny-on-the-spot with those fries when I got the munchies.
by Rafi R December 15, 2007
A person who is on hand and ready to perform a service or respond to an emergency; An unusually alert fellow who is capable of decisive action, seizing an opportunity.
When you need help, call me and I will be your Johnny-on-the-spot" "Oooh, thank you, girl!
by GJ's April 06, 2011
A portable toilet, or commode.
Man in nursing home: What the hell is that?
Nurse: It's a bedside commode, sir.
by Paul Bishop March 04, 2007
The act of shitting on the sunroof of a car, which results in fecal matter splattered on the driver's head/face upon opening the sunroof.
I climbed up on Meredith's car and left her a little johnny on the spot before she left this morning.
by "Jim Douche"/Erik Higbie August 19, 2009
A perfectly located restroom; port-a-potty.
Oh, that johnny on the spot really helped. I couldn't have driven another mile!
by Refinnej August 08, 2005
a massive hickey on the inside of a girls thigh
Steve left a johnny on the spot that was extremely red
by curtis martin February 26, 2008

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