A man that you would go gay for. Yeah, you would.
Man1: You know who i could totally go gay for? Johnny Fucking Depp.

Man2: Yeah, well who the fuck wouldn't?

Johnny Depp: Hey.

Both: (womanly scream and giggle)
by CKendallJ February 24, 2010
God's son. He is the hottest man in the Universe. I must have him. Argh, his wife is one lucky son of a bitch! Hey, maybe when his son gets older, we may be drooling all over him too, neh?
Johnny Depp. So sexy.
by A very smart person December 15, 2003
DAM!!! The sexiest actor i've ever seen. If only i could kiss those lovely lusious lips, it would be heaven! I'm 14 he's 40 i dnt giv a shit!!!
by Anonymous September 28, 2003
The sexiest, wittiest, kindest, most talented, most generous, most stylish, and most romantic man ever!!!!! Need I say more? Well, okay, he is the SEX. He is the BOMB. He is the PERFECT MAN. There is no one like him. He is the man other men most respect and want to be. And he is the man women need and want and dream of. He is the best actor EVER. Put him in any role, and he'll be perfect in it. He is probably the most versatile actor out there!

One minus about him is that he has awful taste in women, just look at Vanessa Paradis. A truly beautiful woman who deserves him needs to come along in his life!
"You're my Johnny Depp."

"Does Johnny Depp ever age?" "No, he just doesn't. It's very interesting."

"I wish my husband was Johnny Depp! He is too sexy for this world!"
by JohnnyDeppsgirl June 14, 2009
The sexiest man and best actor that ever lived or ever will live. No one will ever replace this sex god!! hes got it going on! look up hottie altho hes waaaaay beyond a hottie!
Me and Johnny Depp were doing it doggy style on the floor last night!;-)
by Weeblandbobgrl March 29, 2005
I don't mean to ramble but...Johnny Depp is the sexiest, cutest, most talented, suavest, savviest, most huggable, sweetest, hottest, most lovable, nummiest (and every other word such as those) actor/pirate/scissor handed guy/whatever roles he has or will play. I adore him totally and is basically the only guy worth drooling over.
Johnny Depp totally stole the show in PotC, with his half gayness, swagger, sexy voice, worn clothes, gold teeth, and all the other elements of his character.
by Lexi December 26, 2003
The only actor Tim Burton seems to have heard of.
Tim Burton: "Hmmm, I'm casting for a new film, now what actors are there...ah Johnny Depp yes of course!"
by Wordsmith01 June 20, 2010

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