Born John Christopher Depp on June 9th 1963, he was born in Owensboro Kentucky
He is regarded today as one of the sexiest men alive (which i do have to agree with) and is highly appreciated and sought after by a wide range of fans.
Johnny Depp possesses an amazing ability to act and interact with his fans, and holds his family very close to him.
He is best known for the offbeat roles that he takes in movies, mostly in Tim Burton's movies (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Alice in Wonderland). He has also voiced over for Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.

Johnny Depp is often thought of as one of the more down-to-earth celebrities. He keeps his family, Vanessa Paradis and his two children really close to him
He is an amazing person in general and MANY people (including me) would love to meet him
A strange fact about Johnny Depp which is really weird, is that he is actually afraid of blood, yet he tends to play roles in movies where there is a lot of blood involved
by SweeneyToddDemonBarber March 29, 2010
Johnny has been my favorite actor ever since i was a little girl.I agree that he has most teenage girls that are just horny over him and he deserves so much more.Well im 16 and yes hes hott but hes my idol.I want to be just like him annnnd still have good looks when im 40.He has struck the world with his charm, looks, acting, and his wonderful since of fashion.The older he gets the more brilliant he gets.So fucking brilliant!Kepp rocking Johnny!
i dont know what the hell im doing lol!
by Brianna January 31, 2004
gorgeous face, gr8 eyeliner, fab hair(always), fantastic talent, cute ass.......... yet he's a 40 year old dude?! Jesus Christ. check out anwen and carys and bethan aka Johnny Depp no1 fans.
omg! lushlushlushlushlushlush
do u fancy jd? fk i!
by Bethan Choco Latthater March 03, 2004
Johnny Depp is quite simply the best personal fantasy I have ever entertained. Funky-cool-smart-unique-oh so hot! mmmmm hmmmmm
Funky, cool, smart, unique
by just a fan February 05, 2004
The son of God. The sexiest man alive. I wish I were his wife, that lucky mutha. Hey, maybe when his son is a bit older, we'll get to drool all over him too, neh?
Johnny Depp should be a lollypop.
Johnny Depp should be a Blow-up doll.
Johnny Depp should be a RELIGION!
by Somebody December 16, 2003
the hottest old guy in hollywood!!!!!!
for some reason i always thought that his name was spelt jonny
....i liked it better that way.....
by me! January 11, 2005
A Movie God. Extremley Talented Actor. Intense Genius. Amazingly Attractive. Has The Lure Of The Unatainable. Embodies Lust. TALENT at its best.
Johnny Depp is by far the Best Thing to happen to movies. Plus hes soo fine!
by "The One" September 02, 2003
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