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Martin Johnson. Quite simply the best rugby player, like ever.

Led Leicester to five consecutive league wins, and back-to-back Heineken cups.

84 England caps, 39 as captain. Only lost 5 games as captain.

8 Caps for the British Lions on three tours (1993, 1997, 2001), and the only man to have captained them on two tours, (1997 & 2001).

Should have been voted BBC sports personality of the year winner in 2003 but public voted for glamour boy Wilko instead of gruntman.
Johnno was the best.
by Lester Tiger December 02, 2006
A very sweet, sensitive guy who is also a talented disco queen.

Also, a good Catholic boy who helps old ladies to cross the street.
Look at that Johnno helping the old lady.

That guy dances like a Johnno.
by Your sponsor February 03, 2010
A Beverage.
After the almighty Johnno Beverage.. So insidious and intriguing that his name has been dedicated to an integral part of everyday life.
Oi Amz.. can you hook me up with a sweet Johnno from the fridge?
by Skinni April 04, 2006
Johnno: Deffently not the Boss.

A Johnno likes to think they are boss, but will loose a boss-off time and time again.

Johnno: I am the boss of the Office.

Other office staff: No, No your not.
by Twisted Sista May 11, 2011
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