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1) A badass; the coolest, sexiest, most handsome, smooth talkin' motherfucker one could ever possibly hope to meet in two..maybe even three lifetimes. Simply shaking hands makes girls orgasm and guys turn into homosexuals. Can be recognized by seizure causing good looks, an angel's tongue and an enormous penis.

2) A Hard On

3) Dynamite, or any other kind of explosive.

4) A sexual position in which four chicks simultaneously get fucked by the same man. Can only be accomplished by one man....
1) Holy shit that guy is clearly Johnie

--How can you tell?

Because he fucked me and it was better than the best I could ever imagine

2.) She started licking my asshole and I got an immediate Johnie

3.) Shove some Johnie in that hole and lets blow that shit up.

4.) Indescribable
by TheSpamoni June 03, 2010
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