Shitting yourself the having to walk in a cowboy-esque fashion
I shit myself last night and had to John Wayne it all the way home!
by Croft and Morris June 06, 2005
The "John Wayne" maneuver occurs when you and a male friend are both engaging in vigorous sexual intercourse with a female (one for each of you) in the position commonly known as "doggy-style". One of you is the cowboy, the other is the Indian. Immediately before ejaculation, you both withdraw your penises and shoot your load at each other. The first one to be hit by a drop of semen is the loser, rendering the winner "John Wayne".
I John Wayne'd Tony, and now he has to wash his eye out with soap.
by KinkMaztaFlash September 06, 2004
Marijuana. Specifically, a significant quantity of high-grade, or sinsemilla, especially for personal use.
"Yo D, you pick up today?"

"Yeah, I got dat John Wayne, mang." (Displays cigarette case containing a dozen fat, dank joints)
by Grabes February 16, 2007
A rash on your inner thighs caused by sweating and them rubbing together that causes you to walk like John Wayne.
Man, I got John Wayne like a motherfucker after work last night.
a Nazi, according to the best band ever, MDC.
"John Wayne was a Nazi.
He liked to play SS.
He had a picture of Adolf as a boy.
Tucked into his cowboy vest."
by TheStig1214 July 04, 2010
The sexual manouever in which the penis is inserted into the anal cavity of the receiving party, thus widening the sphincter. The receiver of the 'John Wayne' will, if the manouever is performed correctly and with the appropriate equipment and vigour, be unable to walk with great ease. Their legs shall be bowed and walk as a cowboy, or John Wayne, does
Man, I just John Wayne'd that bitch and now look at her! She's moseying like a fuckin' cowboy!
by Eric the Red December 15, 2004
As in "take a John Wayne".
To poop.
Derivative of dookie, to dook (or duke). Since John Wayne is "The Duke", taking a John Wayne is taking a crap.
Dude, I have to drop a sweet Wayne.
Well, I have to go meet John Wayne.
by mug663 December 23, 2006

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