when a male buts a nut in a womens hair and slicks it back like john stamos.
Wow, i gave brittany a very stylish john stamos.
by freddygotfingered October 06, 2009
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it is quite possible that john stamos is the coolest individual to walk the earth. he has it all, from sweet hair to good looks to tight pants. definitely the best character from full house, aka uncle jesse. the "epitomy of coolness", john stamos is the guy every girl wants to date. every guy wants him as their best friend. he knows whats hip, cool, and he teaches DJ, stephanie, and michelle every moral they've ever learned.
john stamos` ex-wifes name is rebecca. my name is rebecca. coincidence? i think not. marry me, john stamos.

john stamos is the hottest guy ever, next to brad pitt.

jeez, look at that guy`s hair. he looks exactly like john stamos. sweet.
by john stamos` lover. rebecca. July 02, 2006
1. Uncle Jessie from Full House
2. Taking a poop, while masterbating, and eating a bowl of cereal. A variation of the Bob Saget.
I did a John Stamos after watching full house.
by L. Roman July 16, 2006
A Vodka shot lit on fire for a good 3 seconds before dumping it in YooHoo (chocolate milk) and chugging it.
Margaritas are sour, and John Stamos are sweet.
by muffinmonk May 05, 2011
Having intercourse with twins, and upon ejaculating saying " Have mercy"
I'm pretty sure back in 1992 John stamos banged the olson twins and when he came on there faces he said "have mercy"
by Hou Saou February 26, 2014
While taking a large shit you leave a skid mark of turd on your ball sack.
"Oh man the other day I took a shit so big I gave myself a John Stamos."
by theproudllama July 30, 2009
a synonym for the the word fuck, but only in situations where fuck is an exclamation.

it may be used as an adjective, but not as a word ending in -ing.
"ahhh damnit god john stamos i just got my mom pregnant"

"really man, that's sick."

"yeah i know john stamos made me do it"

"oh john stamos john stamos john stamos i think i got my mom pregnant too this is crazy."

"ahhhh john stamos dude! oh no just wait, it's cool, our moms are hot"

"yes it is fine then"
by jarchrist November 14, 2007

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