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an actor who played Jack Tripper on Threes Company
rest in peace john
by Admir DeMondo December 23, 2003
A talented American actor who portrayed Jack Tripper in Three's Company and Paul Hennessy in 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter. He was born on the 17th September 1948 and died on 11th September 2003 of an aortic dissection. Will be forever remembered
RIP John Ritter 1948-2003
by Predeckis April 13, 2006
a cool white guy
One of my best friends is a John Ritter.
by C March 27, 2004
When u take such a huge painful shit that you get an abdominal aortic aneurysm.
I havent shit in three days but last night i took the biggest John Ritter and almost died.
by POOP FOUR LIFE October 11, 2011
bestest person who ever died by the teeth of vicious bacon giraffes
i like john ritter cause he is cool but now he is dead and i can't feel my toes or my ham hands.
by john fritter shitter October 17, 2003
one dead motherfucker
i bet i get a negative feedback by making fun of a dead guy

(john ritter)
by bill hinrichsen April 30, 2005