Top Definition
an actor who played Jack Tripper on Threes Company
rest in peace john
by Admir DeMondo December 23, 2003
A cool guy who is sadly dead.
"What kind of world is it God when the famous actor John Ritter dies of a mysterious heart problem that only YOU could know about when an Iraqi murderer survives living in caves?"-- from the Daily Show.
by your name October 13, 2003
a cool white guy
One of my best friends is a John Ritter.
by C March 27, 2004
When u take such a huge painful shit that you get an abdominal aortic aneurysm.
I havent shit in three days but last night i took the biggest John Ritter and almost died.
by POOP FOUR LIFE October 11, 2011
bestest person who ever died by the teeth of vicious bacon giraffes
i like john ritter cause he is cool but now he is dead and i can't feel my toes or my ham hands.
by john fritter shitter October 17, 2003
one dead motherfucker
i bet i get a negative feedback by making fun of a dead guy

(john ritter)
by bill hinrichsen April 30, 2005
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