somebody who hasnt a clue of whats going on around him...obviously the only people who look on this site are democrats...they have no clue. But at least they can decide where they stand on issues, unlike yours truely, John Kerry. And how many of you democrats have gotten a splinter and wanted a purple heart for it?
owww...a splinter, but that bullet almost hit me...waaaa!!!
by Boekenoogen May 04, 2005
The worst possible retarded fucker candidate in the world. He ran against Bush in 2004 and rightfully lost. A much better candidate than Albert Gore in 2000, but a fucker none the less.
Damn it! Kerry won! Damn! Here come the Taliban to kill us!
by Rob March 13, 2005
someone that should be on the Surreal Life
John Kerry is going to be on the Surreal Life next season.
by popisdead February 17, 2005
Democratic loser who lost the election because American's are too smart to vote for the divise,rights eroding Demo-crazies!!!!
Pack up your ketchup and head on home ya loser!
A dumbass liberal who despite his assurance had no plans for the occupation of Iraq. By the way, the occupation of Iraq is completely necessary unless you want them to send terrorists nuclear weapons (which they have, duh!) so they can bomb and/or otherwise destroy the rest of the country. Oh, and did I mention that as a Senator he awarded himself three purple hearts? This ofcourse makes him qualified to run a country.
Republican: What are John Kerry's plans for the war in Iraq?
Dumbass Liberal: I dunno but I really like them. He is a standup guy. I mean he must be, he got three purple hearts.
by Erica April 24, 2005
1. any person supported by a new generation of hippies who have no appreciation for the freedoms that they enjoy everyday.

2. a would-be military hero, turned spineless traitor, turned spineless senator, turned horrible spineless presidential candidate.

3. any person who celebrates their freedom by throwing their military service medals into a gutter in a public display of ingratitude.
John Kerry lost...GET OVER IT!
by scott h June 06, 2005
a liberal senator who is the democratic representative for the presidential election. He is also the biggest jerk-off ever. He should pack up and take his two-faced ass to France where he will fit in. Him and edwards hug more then any couple i've ever seen and in europe its okay for men to kiss each other.
His whole Career as a politician
by t-money October 15, 2004
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