The only really good thing John Kerry ever did was serve in Vietnam congrats and thank you Mr. Kerry however, he was not fit to lead this country. He was for the war in Iraq until half way through his campeign for Democratic nomination and he saw that other Campaigners against the war had higher ratings. He flipped flopped on everything and it was hard to know where he stood/stands. Bush may not be the best but he was the less of the two evils.
Dem.- I'm voting for John Kerry!!
Rep.- Why!?!?!
Dem- Ummmm He fought in a war!!!
Rep.- So did my uncle but no ones making him president.!!!
by sowhatnow April 18, 2007
Some fake, fraud, phony and ultimately loser that the defeatocrats ran for president. He joins the likes of other phonies, fakes, frauds, and losers such as Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, and Al Gore. Also has a cunt that he calls his wife.
Conservative: Did you know that most of the men John Kerry served with in Vietnam do not like him!

Liberal Douche Bag: You're a fascist!
by Toledo Guy July 27, 2008
The only man that could ever make me glad Bush won.
Bush may be a total dipshit but John Kerry is a pussy fucktard.
by Being sober is for the weak. February 24, 2007
a perfect example of a democrat. He has no ideas and always seems lost. He picked a rival for a running mate and now they think they are shoe-ins. What a joke. GO RALPH
-let's solve this the simple democratic way kids: flip a coin
"republicans have bad ideas, democrats have no ideas"
"republican says 'hey, I've got a really shitty idea.' democrat says 'hey, I bet I can make it shittier'" Lewis Black, Black on Broadway (not exact quoting)
Kerry and Bush are perfect examples of the need for a new party to rise to power.
by ff8 July 10, 2004
when a selfish guy nominates himself for a purple heart when his wound is a little scratch
i wanted 2 be considered a war hero

so i pulled a john kerry
by lemonpartyfan April 04, 2007
Well actually he forgot Poland!
John Kerry: When we went in, there were 3 countries: Great Britain, Austrailia, and the United States. That's not a grand coalition. We can do better.

Well, actually, he forgot Poland!
by MISTER OWNINATOR November 07, 2006
Dumb shit president with a fucked up idea of morality; very in your face attitude about winning 3 stupid purple hearts BIG FREAKIN DEAL
George Bush: John Kerry
When you take the best qualities of an elephant and a donkey, you get a lot of SHIT!-- WCTR Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
by Chester April 05, 2005
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