Was royally OWNED by George W. Bush in the 2004 election.

Still worshipped by DUmmie glue sniffers who thought he was the second coming of Christ, even after losing an election he could have easily won if he had played his cards just a little bit better. He stood for NOTHING. Democrats believed that people should have voted for him based entirely on his personality and character alone. They then over-patronize voters by basically saying that all Kerry voters are geniuses and all Bush voters are "ignorant" subhumans who should be put into death camps. (Note: Democrats define "ignorant" as "anyone who dares oppose us" see also "racist". "fascist", etc.)

Well, 59 million Americans saw through the intelligence-insulting Democratic partyline. I guess Americans would rather have a "dumb chimp" as president. What does that tell you about the Democrats if they can't even defeat a chimp, hmmmmm?
When John Kerry lost, the Democrats became completely hysterical. The party that touted itself as being for "ordinary people" proved that they hold ordinary people in complete contempt and didn't give two shits about us unless we voted for them without question. They all went back to their local Starbucks to gloat about how much more "enlightened" they are than the rest of us eeeeevil Amerikkkans.
by Fuck off DUmmie Morlocks April 15, 2005
a man who tried to run for president in 2004, but lost to now president George in the very controversial election. kerry is a man whose followers were supporting an idiotic loser. sen. kerry planned to tax the crap out of the middle class, and make great health coverage available to people who had none, because they couldnt afford the basic healthcare in the first place.
John Kerry is a man with irrational and impractical ideas of how to run massachusettes, let alone The United States of America.
by pc games rule May 25, 2005
1. A monument in North Vietnam next to a similar monument of Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane), thanking him for his war protesting back in the United States which the Vietnamese believed helped them win the Vietnam war by destroying United States morale at home and causing people to spit on soldiers and call them baby killers when they didn't know what the fuck actually went on in Vietnam when women and children would walk up to soldiers with bombs strapped to them.
2. An idiot who marries rich women to help advance his career.
3. A candidate in the 2004 election who doesn't stand for anything and only attacks President Bush about what Bush has done wrong and not how Kerry will fix it himself.
I wouldn't vote for Kerry, even if I was bent over and forced to take it in the ass.
by Stud October 15, 2004

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