Anyone acting in a wishy washy, indecisive manner.
Quit bein' a John Kerry and pick a friggin' drink, willya?
by Bob the Dog March 10, 2006
very inconsistent with everything.
He's just a John-Kerry type of guy... never ever getting shit done.
by klondike bar April 25, 2006
Looks like Lerch from the Adams Family and is the ugliest politican ever, next to Ed Kennedy. Both from the same city, ironically. "I actually voted for the $87 billion dollar funding for the war in Iraq before I voted against it." What was that? You either support it or you dont, moron!! No wonder you lost the '04 election. You are wishy-washy!!
John Kerry is nothing but a wishy-washy, liberal, washed-up career politician who will tell you ANYTHING to get elected. What a clown. Loser!
by krock1dk October 06, 2007
US Senator from Massachusettes and just another elite New England liberal. He fortunately had a failed campaign in the Presidential election of 2004, in which he lost to incumbant George W. Bush. He looks like Lurch from the Adams Family. He is credited for flip-flopping on the issues, "I actually voted for the $87-billion funding for the war in Iraq--before I voted against it."
John Kerry is just another New England, elite liberal--just like his buddy Teddy Kennedy.
by krock1dk August 21, 2008
Apparently with the same GPA...
"Having just graduated from an great prep school" John Kerry's private cocksucker
by Presidential Cigar January 01, 2007
A dumbass liberal who likes to say things that are not true and fucks other people over or back sabbing one who has a 9 foot and 3 in face also
You have a John Kerry face!!!!!!!!!!!
by ummmmmmmmmmm February 01, 2006
A slang term for flip-flop sandals. Stems from allegations that John Kerry "flip-flopped" on issues during the 2004 election.
Hey, Angela, those are some nice John Kerrys.
by lordacro April 07, 2006
flip flops (as in the shoes)
Before going to the beach, she put on her John Kerry's.
by Mimo H. October 01, 2005
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