The worst thing ever to happen to Australia. The Prime Minister from 1995 onwards.
John Howard is the biggest loser in the world today.
by Dead Deer November 08, 2005

n. Lit : Long serving Australian prime minister, with long suffering Australian public. Also,

1) Any disposable rag used for a particularly filthy purpose.

2) Any stooge, fool or corruptible nincompoop in a position of authority who talks a lot but doesn't listen.

3) (Vulgar) A limp penis during a time of great opportunity. See also bitter disappointment :(

4) A bore, a boring person, esp, a boring person who has leeched on to your social group. Also, a single minded social disaster area, whom you don't have the heart to club to death.

5) John Howarding: Any act of stomach churning cowardice involving excessive asskissing, portrayed as great achievement.

1) Pass me a John Howard would ya darlin, I need to wipe the dogshit off the bottom of me workboots.

2)Did you see the way Bruce went all John Howard on us in today's meeting? Talking to him was like talking to a mule's arse and listening to him was about the same.

3) Sorry darlin I was into it... but... I started thinking about the bills and the kids and then before I knew it... it went all John Howard.

4) Davo was a bit of a John Howard at times, always going on about the same old shit on a different bloody day.

5)Gavin was John Howarding his way to the top of his profession until, one night when reading his own speeches, he suddenly died of terminal boredom.
by Costa Del Barto June 25, 2006
The Prime Minister of Australia between 1996 and 2007. Holds the distinction of being both the second longest-serving PM and the second sitting PM to lose his seat. The worst thing to ever happen to Australia.
You know, you can say what you want about John Howard, but I bet he's sorry now.
John Howard tells lies and has
divided us on race,
divided us into "haves" and "have nots"
divided us over immigration,
divided us over refugees,
divided us over nuclear technology,
divided us on water.
Worst prime minister in history.
John howard uses politics of division to
divide and conqure the work force
abuse power
discriminate on race, sex and sexual preferance.
John Howard personifies Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which is pathalogical lying in a subconscious obsession to hide the self and manipulate the people. John Howard is aware that we know he is lying and expects us to condone it. This is Narcisism in full cry. John Howard has turned politics into the dirtiest it has ever been in this country.
For all of these reasons John Howard is easily the worst Prim Minister in our history. Voted into power and sustained by an unavoidable economic boom that is the result of growth in China and India, his government has adopted the personality of a abusive Narcissistic parent who sees his children and those he is responsible for as mere objects. This economic boom so unprecedented in our history has been miss managed and the benifits abused by egocentric Narcissistic mania.
by Doug Payne October 04, 2007
George W. Bush's most faithful lapdog... Thanks to his unfailing support for Bush's foreign policy, his stance on global warming and Bush's opposition to gay marriage. Even worse he is anti-gun!
Aussie 1: God I can't believe John Howard's gov't amended Federal Law to prevent gay marriage?!
Aussie 2: Yeah! That prick is a hypocrite! However I bet whenever he goes to the White House he is sucking Bush's dick!
Aussie 3: That makes sense! He must pay...
by We hate John Howard! July 04, 2007
Former Leader of the Australian conservative party;
Prime-minister of Australia 1996-2007

Brought the country out of recession and made it into a prominent member of the global community during his term in office.

The victim of a smear campaign regarding his IR laws, funded by people who lost money as a direct result of his IR laws (union leaders).
Now regarded as the devil by those ignorant enough to believe what they see on television without checking wikipedia first.

Neglectful of the environment in favour of economic concern.

Didn't say sorry

Strengthened bonds with the USA, which was a good thing until Bush got into office.

Really needed to trim his eyebrows
Resembles Mr. Sheen
People with an extreme view of John Howard need to look back and see where they got their information.

Man1: "John Howard was such a liar-yesman-spineless-slimy rat!"
Man2: "Arent all politicians?"
by Delusions_Of_Grandeur June 07, 2009
Singlehandedly turned Australia into the laughing stock of the developed world during his tenure as PM, mostly due to his playing lapdog to Bush (the two of them go hand-in-hand!). Beloved by Bible bashers everywhere (one wonders why...), hated by everyone with half a brain.

Labor Party isn't much better, but that's a story for another time...
John Howard's reign is something the country will never recover from.
by Frustrated Australian March 25, 2011
A bitch. Gaytard.
The worst leader of australia. Ever.
Possibly(probably) kisses the butt of George Bush and/or engages in sexual activities with him. Most likely submissive to Bush and gets his dick stuck in his ass. Or mouth.
Commonly known for his big eyebrows.

Fuck him.(Not literally, unless you wish to get STDs)
The reason that John Howard is going to lose the election is that he is possibly(Probably) pregnant. His(although this questions his sexuality as males cannot have babies. Therefore we will be referring to him as It), I mean, Its child will most likely be named:Gayassbitch Bush.
This is probably used to remind him about the (wonderful) times Bush's dick was in his ass.
May Bush's dick be with you Howard. Amen.
by HornySexLover October 11, 2007

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