The best president this country has ever had.
That's really all there is to it.
by Ryan August 13, 2004
Just F'ing Kidding
Michael: The guy in that youtube video "Chief Whadadeal" looks exactly like a girl i used to date.

Earl: Whaaa?

Michael: John F Kennedy, Im straight.

Earl: bahahah you play to much Mike

Michael: now Im having second thoughts, Im pretty sure that was a girl...scary
by WeBeTakinSouls May 05, 2011
Possibly the most overrated president we have ever had.
-Fucked up the bay of pigs, in which we lost cuba to communism
-Got us into vietnam
-Was elected beacause he had mob connections
-Johnson was the person to push for the civil rights
-John as well pushed for the war on poverty
-almost brought america to the brink of destuction during the cuban missile crisis.
-Stole the famous Quote "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country from a dead ww2 vet.
-All around penis
-couldnt even dodge bullets like Geral ford or regan.
After reviewing John F Kennedys presidency, the american public should relize that he was totale fuck up.

Bobby Kennedy was the True Activist, and reformer.

How can anybosy regard JFK as good president?
There is not one postive contribution
by Baraconda February 18, 2007
One of the worst Presidents in American history. Like Ronald Reagan, he made everyone feel good, so they all loved him despite his complete ineptitude
Come on, people. The guy screwed up the invasion of Cuba, and got the US involved in Viet nam. I can't think of one positive thing he did
by Dillon Farnum April 23, 2005

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