The hottest guy in WWE RAW!!! With a KICK ASS comeback at the Royal Rumble!!!
Let's go watch WWE RAW. Lets Watch John Cena Kick Some A$$!
by WWEHottie February 14, 2008
A wrestler who has a rapper/ gangsta gimmick and is the WWE Champion but is booed by most fans because they are racist retards.
John Cena is the WWE Champion but is hated by some fans cuz there racists, he dons a rapper/gangsta gimmick that is usually associated with African Americans.
by S-Bladewarrior September 30, 2006
Is the sexiest man alive. (: He is a WWE superstar and also a rapper. I'd definetly tap that<3 Ha.
John Cena is the TRUE WWE Champion.
by BAMM February 25, 2008
One of the worlds gretest wrestlers alongside with The Rock and Hulk Hoganan.He's an American professional wrestler and rap music artist, currently performing for World Wrestling Entertainment on the RAW brand. He is, and should be, the one and only WWE Champion.After graduating from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts where he earned a degree in exercise physiology and became a team captain and earned All-American honors.After moving to California he joined Gold's Gym and trained 90 hours a week!!! After working his way up through the ranks he finally made his debut with WWE in 2002, also an amazing rapper he is definitly going to be inducted into the WWE hall of fame.
If you listened to John Cena's songs or watched one of his matches (especially Wrestlemania 22) you will why I'm his biggest fan!
White not a slang term himself, the self-proclaimed Doctor of Thuganomics has invented tons of popular catchphrases, Word Life being his most popular one. The Boston native has held the United States and WWE Championships and is one of the world's most popular wrestlers. Cena's admired by casual fans for his "fans first" attitude and hilarious microphone work, but loathed by wrestling purists for his lack of technical skill.
Guy #1: John Cena? He's the rapper, right?
Guy #2: He doesn't rap that much anymore... it's kinda gimmicky.
by The Standard August 16, 2005
He is one of the best Superstars in WWE history. He is a United States and a 3-time WWE Champ. He has beaten them all to a triple threat match with shawn micheals and kurt angle two good stars and beating HHH at Wrestle mania 22 by making him tap. And beating one of the best Ecw superstars in a extreme lumberjack match which was Sabu and made him tap. At Unforgiven he beat Edge in a tlc and edge was the master of the tlc match and was undefeated and then lost to make John Cena a three time champion. Then made a Movie called The Marine. He is the fastest uprising superstar in the WWe history and if u gotta problem of wat i say fuk off. He is the best the only ones tht are better are the rock stone cold and hulk hogan so fuck off cena haters ill kik ur ass.
John Cena is a 3 time champ.
by Bryan Regan January 04, 2007
ONE of the hottest wrestlers in WWE. Its obvious that his "whiteboy rapper character is fake" He's just a good actor.His lyrics are sadly horrible.Ladies,Try to imagine looking straight in to his eyes and be serious.Its hard not to smile isn't it?!

Would you just watch WWE Raw just to see him?!
OMG John Cenas finally on YES!!!
by Jacci June 29, 2006

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