Although many may say he is a gimmic and horrible rapper u cant deny he has skills. He may be one of the strongest people in wwe. He can pick up the Big Show and Mark Henry and Great Chali. Not to mention he has won a Championship title several times. And he is a major hottie. And although he may not be the best actor in a movie....he is an awesome actor in the ring. And some of you say he gets booed.....but all i ever hear is cheers. And he constantly gets ripped off, he's always getting injured and then looses his title or the chance to geta title. So why dont you all stop hating on him...last time i checked he was famous on the most watched sport in the world. No matter what you think of him, you can't deny he has skills and is an all around good guy....not to mention he's funny. (like the time he kept calling Lita a whore and gotta give him props, and yes i am a fan, but not because he's hot, but because he's a good wrestler and has respect for the company and fans, unlike Batista and Randy Orton)
Guy 1- hey did you watch John Cena kick ass last night?
Guy 2- i wouldnt say kicked ass, but hey he has skills
Guy 3- oh my gosh, you two actually like that no good rapping horrible actor who got into wwe by chance?
Girl 1- dont be a hater, you know you wish you were as attractive and famous like're just jealous
Guy 3- what's your point?

PS*- even if u dont like him or people that like him, there should be at least one good definition of him....please publish. Even if u disagree with me you should still publish
by Cookie C <33 August 23, 2009
A pro-wrestler(currently for monday night raw). Debuted back in 2002 in smackdown and nearly beat kurt angle. He's been a world tag champion, wwe champion, world heavyweight, and u.s. champion. He's starred in the marine and Has a movie coming up called "12 rounds". A class act who dosen't deserve the same old shit he gets from these so called bandwagon "haters". Some people don't understand its just for entairtainment yet people take a scripted show so damn seriously. He's also a rapper and debuted his solo album "You can't see me".
John Cena- Pro wrestler, actor, rapper
by wweman February 16, 2009
The equivalent to The Rock of 2000 (with exception of promos and some hypocritical fan perception ring wise), meaning a wrestler who sports some moves (like all wrestlers do, Stone Cold is particulary noticable for only a few moves but was praised) but is an incredibly diligent and hard worker. Comparable to The Rock in ring skills, but not applicable in promos given the corny material Cena is succumbed to. Similar in a way they were beat down for a majority of the match, but magically won the match at the end.

One whose character and direction conveys imminent doom for a wrestler (JBL is poopy). Someone who has not had the title since October but is still bashed despite the fact the main reason for the negativity was how Cena in posession of title (where's the logic in that?).

Comparison between The Rock and John Cena ring-wise:

Punches, flying closeline, Rock uses Sharpshooter as main submission (Cena uses a main submission as well), Rock Bottom to FU (same in the sense the one who suffers the finisher lands on their back), 5 Knuckle Shuffle to The People's Elbow.

John Cena occasional moves:
Fisherman suplex, flying legdrop, throwback, sitout hiptoss

Rock occasional moves: Float over DDT, kip-up (not really a move), samoan drop, spinebuster, overhead belly to belly suplex (rare but used).

The two are similar in the ring department, which would make the Rock a ''bad wrestler'' given what the fans see in John Cena (few moves do not make a bad wrestler, using psychology and storytelling is key to a good wrestler, which both can clealy do with their charisma).

John Cena is the main bullseye in the IWC.

by Environmentalist July 16, 2008
Wrestler who wrestles for WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Company of RAW IS WAR.
Favourite Pharse: "You Can't see me" "your time is up my time is now"
by Aaliyahx69 June 12, 2005
A cool wrestler who some douchebags are jealous of because they resent guys with talent and attitude.
You only hate John Cena cause youre a douchebag.
by zzzboy56 August 21, 2009
1. A perverted (white O_o) rapper who mostly raps about sex.
2. A female fan's favorite. (I personally hate him)
3. A decent wrestler.
Lyrics from a rap of John Cena's- I ain't about a wife even if she won this right I'll fuck for seven days but stand for one night.
by Briela B July 17, 2006
The hottest guy in WWE RAW!!! With a KICK ASS comeback at the Royal Rumble!!!
Let's go watch WWE RAW. Lets Watch John Cena Kick Some A$$!
by WWEHottie February 14, 2008

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