A wrestler/rapper, currently holds the WWe championship.
After retireing from a successful bodybuilding career, the doctor of thuganomics became a pro WWe wrestler.
Has the most in ring charisma since The Rock and is the fan's favorite wrestler at the moment.
John Cena always has the same lead up to the end of his matches..
1st- Jumping should block
2nd- sidewalk slam
3rd- U cant see me
4th- 5 knuckle shuffle
5th- pumps it uup
and 6th- FU
Did u see John Cena FU the Big show
by Secret wrestling fan November 22, 2005
Verb- To overcome the odds

A.K.A- Superman
Too much of anything is bad. We've had too much John Cena.
by Rememberme August 04, 2007
One of the worst wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling. Little Kids and girls love him, men aged over the age of 18 who have stayed loyal to wrestling throughout their years hate him because they can see through his bullshit. John Cena has 5 wrestling moves aka 'the 5 moves of doom' usually in a match he gets beaten up for mostly the entire time and then just before you think he is going to lose John Cena comes back to life using those 5 moves and ends up winning. John Cena is the coverboy for the wwe pg era
Quote from CM Punk 'John Cena I don't even hate you, I hate the fact this idea that your the best.. because your not... I'm the best'
by best in the world December 16, 2011
Getting an erection whilst in the middle of work or at any other awkward point much like when John Cena and Trish Stratus fought Beth Pheonix and Santino Marella. This is then very obvious but you continue anyway as if it was normal.
I was just sat there doing my data input when I got a John Cena.
by Loins13 February 09, 2009
The sexual act of waiting for your partner to command you to shout her name, but instead shouting "JOHN CENA!" as loud as possible while simultaneously putting her in a chokehold, lift her off the bed/couch/table and slamming her to the ground, and then running around the room singing the theme song while helicoptering until you nut.
"How was sex last night"
"Pretty good until he pulled a John Cena"
by Nicolas Cena September 17, 2015
The Act of Disappearing or leaving a social event unnoticed,or Facebook chat or in-boxing session without saying bye.
(You cant see me)
Dude,what the hell happened last night?you did a John Cena on me on facebook,what the Hell?

Guys,we need to Make a John Cena Escape from this Party.
by MaddoxMoose October 17, 2011
pro wrestler, also stars in various movies such as "12 rounds".

is often called upon to draw parrallels with things that are intentionally bad or failing that... bad to such a degree that they no longer become disappointing.
i appreciated the twilight saga on the john cena level.
by minigin April 15, 2011

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