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John Cena just blew the entire gay WWE roster.

by rohfan4life May 10, 2008
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Really crappy wrestler. His gimmick is a white rapper/some army guy!?!? Don't understand. Any match he is in you know he is booked to win. Don't think he will win Wrestlemania 24 though since he has a movie to promote.
John Cena beat Mark Henry in an arm wrestling match? wtf
by velociraptor March 24, 2008
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The current WWE Champion. John Cena's in ring abilty is horrible, and every time he steps into the ring he does the same damn thing. He has been pushed as a Superman, and has a rediculous Win/Loss record. He beats everyone at everything just because Vince thinks he's great. His fans are all either mentally challenged women or children, or homosexual men. Cena Haters (A.K.A Intellectuals) know that every time he defends his title, no matter who it is, he will retain. He has had almost every major character in WWE either tap or lose to him, just because he's Vince's bitch. He is the only wrestler I wish injury or death upon, because he is the reason wrestling is deteriorating.
Cena Fan: OMG YAY JOHN CENA!11!!

Intellectual: Shut up you blastphemous tit, you're just a stupid mark who knows nothing about wrestling.
by SMSmartMark June 22, 2007
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The worst wrestler in history. The board of WWE set John Cena to be the next Stone Cold Steve Austin. But failed epic hard and is now classified as a dumbass. Crowds continously chant different insults such as 'You can't wrestle' as he only knows
somewhat about 5 or 6 moves, 'Same old shit' as he always does the same old boring crap over and over again.
John Cena is the nom. 1 cause of WWE ratings. They're falling each second the dumbass is alive.
Cena sadly has a professional carreer in music. Rapping. Which ofcourse he sucks at.
John Cena sucks and should be put to death.
by Batzar April 21, 2008
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Is a poser, that thinks he is black. He looks like Marky Mark. He is a pussy wrestler. He should never have became the WWE champion.
John Cena is a DAMN poser!!!
Cena is a queer!
by Man-Bear September 21, 2007
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John Cena is a fake gangster wrestler who thinks he is cool because he has people write raps for him... man thats takes skill... faggot... the FU man that huts i can give it to my grandma and she will laugh at me then spit in my face cause i am not cool. John Cena is openly gay and had a life changing expirence when he was in prision.
John Cena likes big balls in his mouth
by Matt Rago July 15, 2006
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A below average wrestler that now compete on RAW. He is the current WWE champ. His wrestling ability is very crappy, and his gimmick is even worse. He also has one of the worst finisher ever, the F-U. The move is nothing more than a fireman's carry into a body slam. It doesn't make since why it would hurt at all. Cena was the reason SD! sucked so bad for so long. Thank god Benoit is there now. Cena turns away viewers. If it wasn't for the rest of the people on RAW roster, RAW would be in very low ratings right now. Simply put, Cena sucks.
Person 1: Cena is the shit! Wordlife!
Person 2: Only marks and women ike Cena. Quit being a mark.
by Cena Sucks June 14, 2005
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