Is a poser, that thinks he is black. He looks like Marky Mark. He is a pussy wrestler. He should never have became the WWE champion.
John Cena is a DAMN poser!!!
Cena is a queer!
by Man-Bear September 21, 2007
A dumbass wannabe marine who has made the WWE championship belt look like a toy with a spinning WWE logo in the center that hypnotizes the young fans and girls into liking him. Hes suppose to be the fan favorite and the biggest face in the WWE but gets booed by the majority of WWE fans(men)and is only loved by kids 8-16 and females(mostly fat, ugly, and slutty).
wrestling fan: How is John Cena the best?

female: cuz hes liek soooo HAWT!!!!

kid: cuz hes th best lolz!!!11

by Ivan. June 25, 2007
gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gaygay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gaygay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gaygay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay
John Cena just blew the entire gay WWE roster.

by rohfan4life May 10, 2008
Really crappy wrestler. His gimmick is a white rapper/some army guy!?!? Don't understand. Any match he is in you know he is booked to win. Don't think he will win Wrestlemania 24 though since he has a movie to promote.
John Cena beat Mark Henry in an arm wrestling match? wtf
by velociraptor March 24, 2008
Just the worst wrestler ever.He is currently injured cause he got frucked up on a simple hip toss,which was probably for the best.I mean,he only uses a total of 5 very crappy moves.FU=Modified body slam/firemans carry,STFU=Gloryfied STF,Shoulder Block=A running shoulder,5 Knuckle Shuffle=A punch to the face,and a Clothesline=A clothesline.His fans,or "Chain Gang/Lame Gang/Gang Bang Soldiers" are all fat ugly chicks or ten year old boys.He disgraced two title belts,he has a lame gimmick (wigger/rapper/marine).He uses three lines that are so gay,but he uses them as an Insult.And worst of all,he just wouldn't lose the title.I am Chile PAC from Yahoo! Answers,be sure to rant and rave to me all you want so I can laugh at your bad grammar and ridiculously stupid comebacks such as "suck my dick" and "yo momma" or,my personnal favorite "yo jus jeulos cuz he batta that u gay bich".
Jerry "The King" Lawler:Oh My God J.R,John Cena awfully sucks.PUPPIES!

J.R:Tell me something I don't know,King.GO SOONERS!
by Chile Santiago December 08, 2007
The True Definition of Garbage.
The Worst Wrestler in the WWE
He is so horrible that no one could ever even get close to the crappyness that he is.
"Guy 1:Man did you see how crappy John Cena was on Smackdown Yesterday"
Guy 2:Yeah that was the worst performance i've ever seen."
by Jugal Thaker June 03, 2005
The current WWE Champion. John Cena's in ring abilty is horrible, and every time he steps into the ring he does the same damn thing. He has been pushed as a Superman, and has a rediculous Win/Loss record. He beats everyone at everything just because Vince thinks he's great. His fans are all either mentally challenged women or children, or homosexual men. Cena Haters (A.K.A Intellectuals) know that every time he defends his title, no matter who it is, he will retain. He has had almost every major character in WWE either tap or lose to him, just because he's Vince's bitch. He is the only wrestler I wish injury or death upon, because he is the reason wrestling is deteriorating.
Cena Fan: OMG YAY JOHN CENA!11!!

Intellectual: Shut up you blastphemous tit, you're just a stupid mark who knows nothing about wrestling.
by SMSmartMark June 22, 2007

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