A young male with a surprisingly large head. Someone who constantly watches television and/or games regularly. Someone in "John's," life has him wrapped round him/her's finger.
"That guy John, with the large head, he's never off."
by Baby John November 05, 2011
Probably the best and most perfect guy anyone could ever meet. He's cute, amazing, sweet, and everything a girl is looking for. Has the cutest smile, a great sense of humor, makes others laugh, takes care of his girlfriend 24/7 (even longer than that however), etc. John is probably the best human being alive and he also makes cute babies and writes cute paragraphs and has a sexy voice.
Person #1: Woah.. who's that?
Angry Girlfriend: That's my baby John *proud*
by john's princess June 20, 2014
John likes hairy nipples. Lovely guy though.
Me: Hey John whats your favourite thing
John: Big hairy Nipples
by You_know_who September 23, 2013
A very sweet, caring, loving, attached and compassionate person. You can and will never fight with him.

He has his head and heart in place and

is totally committed to everything he does.

He will never take you for granted. He will make you smile, and Care for your likes n dislikes. He will always make you smile, and is a very charming and funny person. He is perfect. He is a soldier. Deserves to be loved and cherished.never let him go. He is the one.
I'm glad I found you. I love you john.
by poochameow August 18, 2013
Brittney's future boyfriend =]
Brittney: John will you be mine?
John: of course!
by His future August 22, 2011
A kid that you know, you never know if he likes you or not but you know he cares for you regardless. A man of science, logic, and technology. John has found himself in love with many people who reject him and then find themselves later obsessed with him. Loves anything computers, very logical mind. Belives that " the needs of the many out wight the needs of the few " . Gets very depressed when he realizes how lonely he is, he doesn't say anything but you can just tell he's not at his best. Always strives to do his best, would give his life for any human being, and is very compassionate, you can tell by the way his beautiful blue eyes twinkle, but they also show a dark side of hatred for the destruction humans are bringing upon themselves, but he does his best not to ever show it. Has a large compassion for video games, especially ones like; Kerbal Space Program, Turbo Dosmount, and Sim City. He thinks he is an inucence to every one he sits near at launch, so he will eventually leave. He is wonderful with his jacket and fedora. He loves to socialize even though he thinks he is hated. Can be very depressed but he always get over it. He is the most beautiful, handsome person with his blue eyes and his dirty blond hair, he leaves all the girls in a trance . He doesn't know how much he is loved and I hope that he will one day figure out. Thank you John.B you are wonderful.
Girl 1: " I talked to John yesterday, he said that I look wonderful. "
Girl 2: " I saw him earlier today, he seems really sad."

Kevin: " explain these 5th dimension things. "
John: " it's wibboly, wobbly, stuff..."
by A Person of Love March 07, 2015
Irish God of Sarcasim- fabled to be the most sarcastic deity of any civilization. John could kill a an army of men with a sarcastic comment. Stories tell of John having such a horrid reputation for ruining lives with his sarcasm. That is why the common day toilet is also called a "john"..
Tim: Why is that person always sarcastic?
Bill: Oh they worship John.
by sharpiedeathray August 29, 2013

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