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A sensitive guy who has a dick large enough to wreck Godzilla's vagina. Known as a "gift from god", women and men alike throw themselves at such a perfect creature in hopes that it will take mercy on their soul and have hot passionate rough sex with them.
Look, it's a wild John in it's natural habitat! Let's see if it will perform a sexual act in our presence!
by kingkongdong October 16, 2010
117 79
A leader of men, High King of Gondor, enjoys puppies and sports
discruntled red-neck: JOHN TOOOK MY DOG!
by cajtyhgrhrtgheragrewg November 25, 2011
85 49
I walking God, An adonis of the human race.
Irresistable to woman. Extremely muscular and chizzled.
Incredible strength and athleticism.
John - The Hottest person created
by TheGift001 March 18, 2011
88 52
Shy at first, it may take a little while for a John to adjust to a new situation or person. Regardless, his personality naturally draws others to himself. Cocky half grin plastered on his face, a Naruto manga in hand, sitting back, completely chill, his relaxed state is almost contagious. He's happiest on a basketball court, listening to rad music, or just watching an intense thunderstorm. His smile causes butterflies to be born in a certain tummy. A John has a good heart, and stands firm on what he knows to be true. But be warned: his heart and trust have been broken in the past, leaving him a bit vulnerable. Don't ever lie to a John, or you'll deeply regret it.
Dude. He likes Bring Me the Horizon, You Me At Six, Escape the Fate, and Blessthefall? He's TOTALLY a John.
by HelloIloveYouJohnM July 01, 2011
88 55
John is an amazing individual who takes alot of time out to help others, He his always well spoken and well presented what ever the occasion. He always as a smile on his face and makes people feel at ease. He his a proud individual who never likes to show others what his actually going on, he just likes to deal with things privately. He has the ability to know what people are thinking and always knows what people are up to (wink wink) those that cross him lose a friend for life! Love him or hate him he his a top guy who's heart his in the right place.
Girl to her friend> where's john tonight?
Friend to girl> at home!
Girl to friend> don't you think you should be home with him!
Friend to girl> no way! He knows who I am, if he doesn't like it he can leave!
Moral of the story> johns too nice and always gets walked all over..........
by Shall I do it! Or walk away!!! October 07, 2011
79 48
a wonderful friend whos not all about drama
someone hard to find
shy and quiet but is willing to open up to you when you get to know him
total goof
but we love him all the same (doesnt necessarily have to be boyfriend/girlfriend/crush love)
an attractive guy who isnt full of himself and/or bullshit
hence why your eyes arent brown >xP

extremely intelligent and i envy him for that 8D
look at your grades!
youre such a john!!
by kyosohmarox1212 March 30, 2011
65 38
John (Vb) - To mercilessly slay a conversation as though it were a foul beast plaguing the land and bombarding the people with cruel attacks on their households, when in actuality it is as a kindred spirit, incapable of harsh actions. Following this, the people in act of "committing a John" leave the carcass rotting in view of all the participants and companions of said conversation who grieve over the remains in horrified lamentation.
The conversation was flowing smoothly with many a heated debate on fascinating topics but unfortunately it didn't last, for strong was the spirit of the John amongst those of the conversation, and before long, It happened. John happened.
And no one spoke for two whole days following...
by Sorlaczek April 15, 2013
31 7