an amazing guy who treats his girlfriend like a princess, makes you day better no matter what. youll want him to love you and be yours foreverrrrrrrrrr
john is hott
by johnsgirlfriend October 17, 2010
Male: Very attractive. Usually brown hair and tan skin. His eyes tell it all and he can usaully clean up well. He's very out going and fun to be around and gets along with just about anyone. Family means the world to him. His "i know everything attitude" leads him to make many mistakes, but he always ends up fixing them in the long run. He's great boyfriend material when he wants to be, but he's also known to be a heartbreaker. His future holds the "riches" and a great family orianted life with his long lost true love.
hey look at JOHN, hes handsome.
by January 20, 2011
The most obnoxious guy in the world who you just can't ever get over. He is so confusing and will lead you on sometimes and other times not answer you for weeks. You hate him but always find yourself stalking his Facebook. He's cute, flirty, has gorgeous brown eyes and hair, somewhat of a man whore, but deep down he just wants a good relationship like you. He has great taste in music and has great style. He's really funny and can always make you laugh. What a John needs to do is pick up his damn phone and call her, or at least text her, right now, because she's checking her phone all day waiting for him. And he needs to stop going back to the same attention-whore-sluts.
by aaaaaagirllllllllll October 31, 2010
An exotically splendid name for people of the male gender. The name is given to children who display unparalleled handsomeness and intelligence. The name has also been known to be given to children that display God-like qualities that surpass all mortal knowledge.
JOHN!!!!!! :O
by Malcolm X :D November 28, 2010
An amazing boyfriend who treats his girlfriend like a princess. He has the most amazing personality and is Loved Very Much by his girlfriend. He is often hoped to be in his girlfriend's life forever.
-hey, why are you always so happy?
-cause i have a John in my Life(:
by johns girlfriend November 21, 2010
The "John" is a social position within a group often equivalent to the bottom rung of a ladder or the ugliest child in a orphanage.

Requirements needed to fulfil this position include minimal amounts of self-respect, little to no social prowess and mild elements of physical or mental deformity (without crossing into medially recognised deformities).

The "John" is often taunted and fun is made at his expense to please higher-ranked members of social circle.

Despite his low-ranked position a "John" is integral to a group as a means of funnelling hatred and male bonding.

As Socrates famously once said "Without a John society would cease to exist." This comment was followed by a series of childish insults directed at fellow philosopher Johnates.
I hate you. You're such a John.
by Soft to the Ground May 18, 2011
A sensitive guy who has a dick large enough to wreck Godzilla's vagina. Known as a "gift from god", women and men alike throw themselves at such a perfect creature in hopes that it will take mercy on their soul and have hot passionate rough sex with them.
Look, it's a wild John in it's natural habitat! Let's see if it will perform a sexual act in our presence!
by kingkongdong October 16, 2010

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