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Hebrew name meaning "A gift from god"
Wow that baby must be a John.
by John Sandlin January 10, 2006
v. to have a cramp, as in, a painful contraction of the muscle.
Often used to make fun of a person named John, who has lots of cramps.
Running boy 1: Oh, Dude! I'm getting a cramp!
Running boy 2: You mean, you're getting a John.
Running boy 1: Yeah! This John hurts like a bitch!
John: Fuck you!
by BrasilStyle January 27, 2009
Probably the best guy you will ever meet in your life. Looks best with no shirt and leaning over a couch telling you he has to take a shower. Basically, if you meet him you WILL fall in love with him and there is nothing you can do about it. VERY obsessed with video games, but he makes it look hot. He will spend all the free time he can get talking to you, even if he only has five minutes. By far the sweetest guy in the world, a gentleman, and exremely handsome.
person 1-John just talked to me!
person 2- are you kidding?! what'd he say!?
person 1- absolutely nothing!
person 2- your so lucky!
by ouisorazzal27 December 25, 2010
John is a man of integrity. He has good morals and manners. He is a man of little words. Believes actions speak louder than words. John has strong work ethics and is willing to jump in to help a friend. Loyal. Loving. All of this and a healthy sense of humor too.
John believes that no one gets left behind
by love your eyes February 11, 2010
In competitive gaming or sports, "johns" is a widely accepted term for excuses the loser will often use as to why they lost. Typically these range from reasonable to the absurd.

May be related to psychological defense mechanisms in response to losing in competitive situations.
Winner: "Good match. That was a close one."

Loser: "I didn't have breakfast this morning, that's probably why I lost. And my controller sucked. Oh, and I would have mercked you if it wasn't for my hands getting sweaty towards the end."

Observer: "Quit making Johns, dude."
by MartinE. April 06, 2008
A sweet, lovely and sexy man who makes can make a woman feel amazing in every possible way. A true soul mate. Can be a loner, but for a fellow loner, that is perfect. Able to make you feel completely comfortable without having to say a word.
My knight in shining armor. Competitive and likes to push buttons, especially involving games.
I love you John. :)
by JoJolibrarian February 03, 2010
The "John" is a social position within a group often equivalent to the bottom rung of a ladder or the ugliest child in a orphanage.

Requirements needed to fulfil this position include minimal amounts of self-respect, little to no social prowess and mild elements of physical or mental deformity (without crossing into medially recognised deformities).

The "John" is often taunted and fun is made at his expense to please higher-ranked members of social circle.

Despite his low-ranked position a "John" is integral to a group as a means of funnelling hatred and male bonding.

As Socrates famously once said "Without a John society would cease to exist." This comment was followed by a series of childish insults directed at fellow philosopher Johnates.
I hate you. You're such a John.
by Soft to the Ground May 18, 2011