a guy who is handsome and intellegent. Great at football ladykiller and has kevin hart sense of humor.
that lame kid can never be a JOHN.

Sometimes darren can be a real JOHN if he wanted too.
#flee #cool #handsome #funny #hilarious #ladiesmand
by PlatypusSquirrel November 10, 2013
to jones or crave/want something
buddy, i johns that girl over there
by Lightning Magg May 04, 2005
Irish God of Sarcasim- fabled to be the most sarcastic deity of any civilization. John could kill a an army of men with a sarcastic comment. Stories tell of John having such a horrid reputation for ruining lives with his sarcasm. That is why the common day toilet is also called a "john"..
Tim: Why is that person always sarcastic?
Bill: Oh they worship John.
#sarcasim #cow #nazi #batman #boogerpicker
by sharpiedeathray August 29, 2013
A crudely constructed excuse for one's inability or lack of desire to complete an action.
V. ("He was johning so hard the other day, I nearly threw up.")
N. ("That's a John and a half.")
#john #johning #excuse #excuses #to make an excuse
by densloww May 05, 2014
The most obnoxious boy ever. Often has brown hair, green eyes , and white.
You love him and you hate him at the same time. He drops hints that he likes you by staring all the time. He is smart but you probably don't know it. Physcopath. He is a total creepy weirdo. But you know you still like him. He will make you laugh all the time. He is a player. He might even be gay.....
* John stares at me all the time! *
*you like him*
*no i don't*
#white #green eyes #obnoxious #boy #gay #stupid
by Awesomeness 123 January 20, 2015
Term for Marijuana. A good code word for talking about weed in public / around parents etc...
"Wanna don John?" - "Maan, i'm so john'd out right now" - "Fancy some John?" - "Shall we Don some John?"
#john #weed #marijuana #hash #cannabis #don jon #don john
by Joan Johnson October 20, 2013
awesome mexican guy with a big dick (yes even bigger than Pedro) and also have this italian faggot kid named Raul on his dick
John is such an awesome and talented archer and got a big dick

Yeah Raul loves sucking John's dick
#john #pedro #raul #marius #dick
by anonymouslelo May 17, 2014
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