Is a name used for people who are depressed and have thoughts of suicide but are too chicken to fall through with it . They cannot be trusted . They may blow up schools but they're the equivalent to a bitch.
"I'm done with life. Today is my last day on earth." "Stop being such a John."
by Sidekicks October 17, 2014
A crudely constructed excuse for one's inability or lack of desire to complete an action.
V. ("He was johning so hard the other day, I nearly threw up.")
N. ("That's a John and a half.")
by densloww May 05, 2014
my unicorn. <3. BLONDE hair gorgeous blue eyes and a perfect smile, he'll keep you (me) smiling all day long.
John dblu is awesome
by xxyo_mommaxx September 23, 2011
a guy who is handsome and intellegent. Great at football ladykiller and has kevin hart sense of humor.
that lame kid can never be a JOHN.

Sometimes darren can be a real JOHN if he wanted too.
by PlatypusSquirrel November 10, 2013
awesome mexican guy with a big dick (yes even bigger than Pedro) and also have this italian faggot kid named Raul on his dick
John is such an awesome and talented archer and got a big dick

Yeah Raul loves sucking John's dick
by anonymouslelo May 17, 2014
A guy with a needle dick. Not very satisfactory in bed. Very bland personality, will not keep anyone entertained for longer than 3 minutes. He is so oblivious about having a needle dick.that he pulls it out at any chance he can. He regularly says idiotic things. Will never be able to string together a line of intelligent words.
Girl 1 have you seen johns needle dick.

Girl 2 it looks like a needle lol.
by the CBK March 26, 2014
An asshole that doesn't have time for his girl and is a huge pervert that makes every joke into something sexual. Someone you don't want to be around, just only kick his dick that is as small as a rice krispie.
"Oh no, a John is coming this way!"
by Milkshake Mindy July 21, 2013

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