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to jones or crave/want something
buddy, i johns that girl over there
by Lightning Magg May 04, 2005

2.men who pay prostitutes to give them STD's
two johns = twice the diseased shit!
by Kerry and Edwards suck October 17, 2004
The nicest guy you will ever meet. He is handsome and brave. He will protect you and take care of you. He can be witty and funny. When talking about certain subjects he can get a little fired up. He does not like large red headed women so stay away. He enjoys classical music, the symphony, the ballet, and playing guitar. He is a lover of fine wines.
Did you notice how positively John he is? Yes, I can't stop thinking about the Johnness of it all.
by geezelouise February 25, 2014
A total dick with about a unique a personality as his name reflects. Utterly worthless, the only thing good for is taking a crap on, hence the name John :)
he lacks any real affect, oh yeah, he's a John!
by effyourself September 11, 2013
A little man with a small penis
OMG he has a john :(
by cent anatomy May 08, 2013
the weirdest most confusing person you will ever meet when he's talking he will just stop at any random time,he has very large penis ,has a friend whos name is anynomous who jacks off a lot. john is also a man whore,black hair never wears shoes, his mood changes easily,short,never matches,hairy arms, very sexy and other guys are jealous, oh yeah did i mention his big dick,and he can not describe anything worth a shit becaus he always says things like thingymabob an thingymajig, oh and he has a huge penis
dude 1: what was that huge crash and scream i heard

john:oh the thingymabob did that one thing at the thingymajig at that one time with those people
by njhn vissser June 13, 2011
Someone who comes from London, or more London way than wherever the user of the word is from.

The recievers of the term are named johns because of the outside perception that everyone from london (males mainly) call each other "john" as a by-word for "mate or fellow."

Heard in the East Anglia area in the populations with the regional dialect of English.

Is used less often these days since most people in london are not the percieved cockneys that they once were since mass immigration to the city since the 1960s. Also people in East Anglia now commonly work in London and therefore now know better, and meeting a London is far more common than before.
Them bloody John's move'un to our village and telling us what to do and how to run the place!
by Essex/Suffolk Lad June 10, 2011