A why not? Let’s do it, I’m up for anything kind of guy. He possesses the 3 S’s – Sexy, Smart and Sweet. He is principled, loyal, trustworthy, affectionate, sensitive, romantic, spontaneous, a true gentleman. He has a quirky, witty, dry sense of humour – slightly misunderstood at times, but he is very funny in a subtle way. A toothy smile. A dorky laugh. A bit of an adventure enthusiast. He enjoys running marathons and hiking. One would associate him with the Ted character in ‘How I met your Mother’ – because he is a total dad and can pull off clothes or shoes which would otherwise be socially unacceptable, like Ted, dancing is not one of John’s strong points. He is close with his family and is big on friendships. Loves animals and nature. He loves watching anime and the movie Coach Carter. He is a lazy thinker – doesn’t like to explain things or go into detail. He believes that arguing is a waste of time and too much effort. He's so badass he doesn’t wait to ‘remove flash drive safely’ and like a typical guy he likes to drive fast on the highway. He adjusts his speed according to the beat of his signature playlist. He wants to be known as a telecommunications operator and that he works in a call centre (not his real job). He has the innate ability to not be embarrassed by most things. John is the type guy who can’t say No to people. He will go out of his way to help a friend. He is caring, honest and compassionate. He is lovely. Simply wonderful.
Kim: Where do I find a John?

Nicole: In a textbook, at work, on a plane, in a crowd, at school, in church, everywhere, there are John's all around us.
by Bromance May 07, 2013
One of the most wonderful men you will ever meet. Has the loveliest honest eyes ever and a gorgeous smile. He makes all the adorable noises and is so tender. Also, he will make you piddle yourself from laughter. He has strong hands and an even stronger heart.
what a john!!
by grabass August 18, 2010
A John is a word to describe a man who gives the best anal sex, but is also also the sweetest guy ever. Johns have big dicks and flirt a lot but are so loving Johns make you smile like crazy gets girls wet easily. A John is rare. A John is the best kind of guy a girl could have.
Person 1- He is the sweetest guy I ever met, he makes me smile like crazy.
Person 2- Aww! , a John?
Person 1- Ohh yess defiantly *winks*
Person 1- Youre so lucky I wish I could find myself a John.
by amybug November 11, 2010
A really fucking awesome guy who has a massive dick. He is usually seen on the street being awesome and having sex with multiple women. If you are ever lucky enough to see him in person, spontaneous orgasms are in order. He is also really damn funny and a fucking tank. He can also play the fucking cowbell like a pro.
Girl 1 - "Hey look at the hotty John over there."
Girl 2 - "Yeah, he's way cooler than that faggot Colin"
by My name is totally not John November 08, 2010
John, usually a very macho guy. He has the most amazing brown eyes and hair. His smile is gorgeous. Typically a player, confuses you alot, but when he wants he can make u feeel like the most amazing person in the world. You cant help but smile when u look at him. u like him alot but he gives u mixed signals. he could be the ebst thing u ever had if he would give u a chance. strong, competitive, smart, outgoing, cute, nice body. He lies alot but does know when he is wrong and he can be a man and say sorry. All in all, john is a great guy but he needs to figure out his relationship status
Friend: Whats wrong?
You: It's just....welll...John
Friend: I told you he was an ass!
by Michelle Hamburger December 03, 2010
John (Vb) - To mercilessly slay a conversation as though it were a foul beast plaguing the land and bombarding the people with cruel attacks on their households, when in actuality it is as a kindred spirit, incapable of harsh actions. Following this, the people in act of "committing a John" leave the carcass rotting in view of all the participants and companions of said conversation who grieve over the remains in horrified lamentation.
The conversation was flowing smoothly with many a heated debate on fascinating topics but unfortunately it didn't last, for strong was the spirit of the John amongst those of the conversation, and before long, It happened. John happened.
And no one spoke for two whole days following...
by Sorlaczek April 15, 2013
An infinitely talented and multi-faceted individual. This creature tends to avoid j0ck-like activities such as drugs, alcohol and sports, but he is a hidden gem of wonderful fun. He is a, generally, level headed person but when the pressure builds up and he has to make a choice again thats when things get tricky. Overall a 'John' is a great man that anyone would be lucky to meet at least once in their ephemeral lives.
did you see John the other day? he rolled the dice and got two sixes...hes the fucking man! i love him!
by jacketoes December 12, 2010
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