- a tool

- has no friends

- condescending

- racist

- inbred

- often redneck
Jason:Oh there's John
Jack: Goddamn it i hate John
by Jeson January 02, 2013
I walking God, An adonis of the human race.
Irresistable to woman. Extremely muscular and chizzled.
Incredible strength and athleticism.
John - The Hottest person created
by TheGift001 March 18, 2011
Shy at first, it may take a little while for a John to adjust to a new situation or person. Regardless, his personality naturally draws others to himself. Cocky half grin plastered on his face, a Naruto manga in hand, sitting back, completely chill, his relaxed state is almost contagious. He's happiest on a basketball court, listening to rad music, or just watching an intense thunderstorm. His smile causes butterflies to be born in a certain tummy. A John has a good heart, and stands firm on what he knows to be true. But be warned: his heart and trust have been broken in the past, leaving him a bit vulnerable. Don't ever lie to a John, or you'll deeply regret it.
Dude. He likes Bring Me the Horizon, You Me At Six, Escape the Fate, and Blessthefall? He's TOTALLY a John.
by HelloIloveYouJohnM July 01, 2011
John is an amazing individual who takes alot of time out to help others, He his always well spoken and well presented what ever the occasion. He always as a smile on his face and makes people feel at ease. He his a proud individual who never likes to show others what his actually going on, he just likes to deal with things privately. He has the ability to know what people are thinking and always knows what people are up to (wink wink) those that cross him lose a friend for life! Love him or hate him he his a top guy who's heart his in the right place.
Girl to her friend> where's john tonight?
Friend to girl> at home!
Girl to friend> don't you think you should be home with him!
Friend to girl> no way! He knows who I am, if he doesn't like it he can leave!
Moral of the story> johns too nice and always gets walked all over..........
by Shall I do it! Or walk away!!! October 07, 2011
John is infinite and multi-faceted. He is generally a level headed person but when he comes under pressure and is compelled to make a decision thats when things get vexed.

John is tall has brown hair and a tan, perfect skin and blue/green eyes that hold many secrets. John has great legs and nice muscles. John is a kind compassonate individual. He is a man of complete integrity and exemplary manners. He is a man of little words, believing that his actions will speak louder than words. He has a dynamic work ethic. He is strong, handsome, sexy and beautiful. He is intelligent, funny, loyal, trustworthy, full of charisma, loving, teasing, sweet and thoughtful.

John always likes to plan and think ahead for the most part. John strives to do things for the better, hardly selfish, observant and loves his family.

He leads a very intense life and proves himself hardy in doing so.

A guy that is outgoing and friendly. Everyone knows of him but he keeps very few close friends. Shy and quiet but usually willing to open up to you when you get to know him and he knows he can trust you. Then he can tell you what is on his mind and can be very emotional which does bring about his true feelings.

John has a playful side to him when he feels at ease with someone that he befriends. He can then be a total goof! Once you befriend John he will be your friend for life. He is loved more than he'll ever realize.

John is simply like the Heavens above, SUPREME BLISS.

Tender Kisses
Joyce: "Why are you smiling?"

Girl : " I'm smiling because I have a John in my life."
by Tender Kisses April 28, 2013
A leader of men, High King of Gondor, enjoys puppies and sports
discruntled red-neck: JOHN TOOOK MY DOG!
by cajtyhgrhrtgheragrewg November 25, 2011
Is the cutest, the most sweetest and amazing guy you can ever meet. He gives the best hugs, and has the most irresistible voice in the whole world. He is most likely to be tall, tanned and very athletic. He is intelligent, and is a sweet talker :) when he meets the girl of his dreams, he is fully committed to loving her and giving her the world. This girl means the world to him and he will surely not let her go.
Friend: Who's that guy you're with?
Girl: He's my John. :)
by ChuBear<3 May 22, 2011
a wonderful friend whos not all about drama
someone hard to find
shy and quiet but is willing to open up to you when you get to know him
total goof
but we love him all the same (doesnt necessarily have to be boyfriend/girlfriend/crush love)
an attractive guy who isnt full of himself and/or bullshit
hence why your eyes arent brown >xP

extremely intelligent and i envy him for that 8D
look at your grades!
youre such a john!!
by kyosohmarox1212 March 30, 2011

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