- a tool

- has no friends

- condescending

- racist

- inbred

- often redneck
Jason:Oh there's John
Jack: Goddamn it i hate John
by Jeson January 02, 2013
my unicorn. <3. BLONDE hair gorgeous blue eyes and a perfect smile, he'll keep you (me) smiling all day long.
John dblu is awesome
by xxyo_mommaxx September 23, 2011
to jones or crave/want something
buddy, i johns that girl over there
by Lightning Magg May 04, 2005
a teenager that usually never takes showers(smells like shit), acts like a Mexican, and usual if lucky has a girlfriend that has no ass,and has a micro penis
Don't be sick a john
by John Schlegel February 26, 2015
a guy who is handsome and intellegent. Great at football ladykiller and has kevin hart sense of humor.
that lame kid can never be a JOHN.

Sometimes darren can be a real JOHN if he wanted too.
by PlatypusSquirrel November 10, 2013
the weirdest most confusing person you will ever meet when he's talking he will just stop at any random time,he has very large penis ,has a friend whos name is anynomous who jacks off a lot. john is also a man whore,black hair never wears shoes, his mood changes easily,short,never matches,hairy arms, very sexy and other guys are jealous, oh yeah did i mention his big dick,and he can not describe anything worth a shit becaus he always says things like thingymabob an thingymajig, oh and he has a huge penis
dude 1: what was that huge crash and scream i heard

john:oh the thingymabob did that one thing at the thingymajig at that one time with those people
by njhn vissser June 13, 2011
The most obnoxious boy ever. Often has brown hair, green eyes , and white.
You love him and you hate him at the same time. He drops hints that he likes you by staring all the time. He is smart but you probably don't know it. Physcopath. He is a total creepy weirdo. But you know you still like him. He will make you laugh all the time. He is a player. He might even be gay.....
* John stares at me all the time! *
*you like him*
*no i don't*
by Awesomeness 123 January 20, 2015
Is a name used for people who are depressed and have thoughts of suicide but are too chicken to fall through with it . They cannot be trusted . They may blow up schools but they're the equivalent to a bitch.
"I'm done with life. Today is my last day on earth." "Stop being such a John."
by Sidekicks October 17, 2014

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