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can be the most beautiful and unreal thing to ever happen to you. He can be the one to show you true love, if only you dared. To those that cant have him, its the most tortureous feeling to recognize his existence. What lies behind those soul staring eyes, only the universe knows.
Person 1-"Ive liked this guy for 3 years now but im too scared to talk to him."
Person 2-"He must be your John."

jon jhon
by kawoline December 27, 2012
7 8
A cross breed between an arachnid and human being. A John has the capabilities of spinning silk webs from their rectum and mouth simultaneously.
"Dude, did you see the butt silk that John just shot at you?!"
by Merpaderpa December 09, 2013
1 2
A guy with a needle dick. Not very satisfactory in bed. Very bland personality, will not keep anyone entertained for longer than 3 minutes. He is so oblivious about having a needle dick.that he pulls it out at any chance he can. He regularly says idiotic things. Will never be able to string together a line of intelligent words.
Girl 1 have you seen johns needle dick.

Girl 2 it looks like a needle lol.
by the CBK March 26, 2014
0 2
a guy who is handsome and intellegent. Great at football ladykiller and has kevin hart sense of humor.
that lame kid can never be a JOHN.

Sometimes darren can be a real JOHN if he wanted too.
by PlatypusSquirrel November 10, 2013
0 2
A lax bro that never remembers or gets names right.
normally blonde with a high rank of flow.
by dogluvr412 December 31, 2011
7 9
An asshole that doesn't have time for his girl and is a huge pervert that makes every joke into something sexual. Someone you don't want to be around, just only kick his dick that is as small as a rice krispie.
"Oh no, a John is coming this way!"
by Milkshake Mindy July 21, 2013
3 6
my unicorn. <3. BLONDE hair gorgeous blue eyes and a perfect smile, he'll keep you (me) smiling all day long.
John dblu is awesome
by xxyo_mommaxx September 23, 2011
13 16