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living proof that anyone can fly a plane.
I don't think an example is needed.
by joe momma January 18, 2005
549 92
Proper Noun: Famous singer, actor, dancer, producer, and pilot. During the latter half of the 1970s, John Travolta became on of the biggest stars in Hollywood. After a string of hits in films, on television and on the radio, he had emerged as a true cultural phenomenon, defining tastes in music and fashion while dominating innumerable column inches in newspapers, magazines and gossip columns. Like so many other celebrities, Travolta's initial fame proved short-lived, and by the 80s he was viewed by the media and the public alike largely as a relic of his era. Unlike so many other celebrities, however, he resurfaced, Phoenix-like, the following decade, re-establishing his claims to film superstardom and staking out new territory as one of the most acclaimed actors in contemporary film.
Woe, that guy on the dance floor looks like John Travolta with that white 70s suit!
by Foofie X July 08, 2003
166 68
worthless scientologist scumbag
John Travolta practices scientology and needs to be punished for his sins
305 215
A very good actor. Has been in famous movies like Pulp Fiction, Saturday Night Live, Grease, and Get Shorty.
He was sweet in Pulp Fiction. Vincent Vega was a cool character.
by sagzag February 04, 2004
160 121
A fancy way of saying "waste of time".
I can't stand that guy. He's a John Travolta.
by Waki Ho October 10, 2006
120 106
To give a favor and have the person that received the favor not reciprocate.
"I helped my brother with his yard last week, and he John Travolta me by not helping with mine."

"I John Travolta my girlfriend the other day. She gave me an awesome blow job, and I didn't do anything for her."
by BLuE May 12, 2012
8 2
John Travolta is the biggest pimp in al time, he was pimpin in saturday night fever, but he was even more pimp in Grease, Pimp means a fashionable, trendsetter, person, mainly male
John Travolta is THE pimp!!!
by barkandhoney July 13, 2003
81 108