The multi-talented "fourth member" of Led Zeppelin. Jones was mostly a bassist, but has played many stringed instruments and keyboards and has worked with dozens of bands.

Can be used to refer to any highly-talented individual who is forgotten among legendary peers.
"Who were the members of Led Zeppelin?"
"Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham...fuck, I forgot the other guy..."

Earle Combs played next to Ruth and Gehrig for the Yankees of the '20s and '30s. He hit .325 in his career yet is forgotten by all but the most dedicated fans; he was the John Paul Jones of the team.
#underrated #greatness #led zeppelin #forgotten #quiet
by C-Mills February 26, 2008
The founder of the navy, not to be confused with the Led Zeppelin bassist.
John Paul Jones the navy guy is greater than the bassist John Paul Jones.
by rome clone November 11, 2004
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