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n proper: Protagonist of the Die Hard series and BAMF who transcends humanity.
v: To defeat the terrorists using extremely creative means.
n: Who do you think you are, John McClane?
1- to kill helicopter with building
2- to duct tape gun to your back
3- to kill a plane with a zippo lighter
4- to cross Mannhattan in a matter of minutes (truly impossible in case you've never been there)
5- to kill another helicopter with a telephone cable
6- to knock a guy out of a hilicopter with a fire hydrant
7- to kill a heicopter with a car
8- to drive through a power plant with an SUV
9- to kill an F-35 with a briefcase
10- to shoot yourself to shoot the guy right behind you
11- to do any of the above while on vacation

"I just John McClaned that dude in Halo!" (after driving a warthog into a banshee and having both explode as a result)
by Sean KF September 25, 2007
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The star of Die Hard, and anyone wearing a vest!
When you say John McClane, you should roll up your sleeves to symbolise a vest!
by Double Exit March 21, 2004
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vest: aka tank top t-shirt: aka wife-beater.
Usually seen because McClane gets so beat up throughout the course of the movie any regular shirt he is wearing at the beginning gets too mangled to wear by halfway through the movie.
by Chewiethetbl August 18, 2005
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When you enter "the zone" in a video game and begin killing enemies at will. Seeming to be untouchable and indestructible.

Taken from the Die Hard movies where the Bruce Willis character of John McClane seems to kill at will without getting hurt.
Leroy Jenkems was killing guys left and right and then went all John McClane on them and took over the match.

We were loosing the match but MOB4LIFE gave them "The John McClane" move and killed everybody.
by klownrobot October 17, 2009
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