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Feigning the appearance of being sell-out. Bringin a watered down version of artistry into the mainstream. Also applies in any situation where one is temporarily sacrificing their core tastes/values/talents (Room for squares) in pursuit of greater art/good/reward (JMT Try!, JM w/ BB king, JM w/ ?love). Be warned, one who is John Mayer'ing risks taking a hit to their reputation that may never be overcome.

Antonyms: Avril Lavigne, Dr. Phil, Carson Daly.
-See John Mayer
-Also see, Justin Timberlake
-Dude its cool, I'm just John Mayer'ing when I watch Desperate Houswives every Sunday night with my girlfriend. I always get sweet sweet lovin after its over.

by dloew February 01, 2009

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