John Lennon was the main member of the beatles and co-wrote many of the greatest songs of the centrury with Paul MacCartney. During the 50s, he mainly wrote of love, but as the 60s wore on, he became an LSD junkie with the other Bealtes. After that, most of his songs were about drugs, "seeing beyond your stuff" and sublimal messages about how stupid the government is. After his murder in 1980, he's now revered as a musical God.
"John Lennon's voice was amazing in the song A Day in the life"
by Jake February 25, 2005
1. Sexiest man in history, as well as the sexiest man there will ever be.
2. "Founder", you could say, of the Beatles.
3. Bigger than Jesus, as are the other three Beatles, too.
4. Definitely cuter than Paul. (In reference to V.S. Eliot's entry on John Lennon.)
5. Too good for Yoko.
Why does everyone think Paul is like, super adorable? (Well, he is, but I don't think he's cuter than say, Ringo and John.) I think John Lennon is cuter than Paul McCartney! I mean, Paul is a very close second, but Johnny's SO SUPER CUTE! As well as effin' sexy.
by Mrs. Lennon April 13, 2009
The self proclaimed 'King of Hippies' according to Cartman.
"Are you telling us that this book is filthy, inappropriate and made a guy shoot the king of hippies? Can we read it right now?"
-Cartman talking about the catcher in the rye and John Lennon
by S.McBoogerBalls July 05, 2010
One of the greatest musicians of all time. He wrote awesome music, I don't care what some people think. Just because you can understand what he's saying...
It is a real shame he was murdered. I feel sorry for the guy that did it. he has a large part of the population hating his guts. His fault, though.
His message still lives on, though. If we all just Gave Peace a Chance (there's a reason thats capitalized), Imagine what we could do.
John Lennon was a visionary who was viciously murdered because of his beliefs.
by musicfan62 March 15, 2009
Peace activist, Former Beatle, Greatest Song-writer to walk the Earth. Wrote songs such as imagine give peace a chance, God, ect. An enemy of Richard Nixon for singing about love, Life, Peace and not about death and killing and corruption. A Utopianist.
"Imagine All the people living life in Peace"
"Imagine No possessions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man"
"All we are saying Is give peace a chance"

John Lennon
by Jacobdead October 21, 2009
An extremely talented artist. Symbol of a new era. He was very enlightened, without doubt, but made several serious mistakes during his career. Paul McCartney always kept trying to shadow him, but all his efforts were in vain; John Lennon was just too big (not in the literal sense of the word, he was actually very skinny).

Lennon was killed by Mark David Chapman, a mentally ill man. Even though this man killed one of the greatest figures of all times, he had a great taste in literature; he loved The Catcher in the Rye which is one of the greatest books of all time written by one of the best authors of all time, J. D. Sallinger.

May John Lennon rest in peace.
I recommend buying any "Best of John Lennon" album. He's seriously great. Anyone who says the contrary is a motherfucking jealous n00b and should be automatically killed.
by fromnh February 24, 2010
John Lennon was the "Leader" of the greatest band in the world, The Beatles. He was a troubled man... but a great one none the less (Page two... lol)
He was ever so sexy, and way better looking than that damn Macca dude. His first wife was very nice, and she deserves alot of credit. Yoko was and is a bitch...
And he... liked her (hehe).
The sad part about this little story was he was taken from us on a cold december night by some psycho asshole, who's name I refuse to give. LOOK IT UP.

Oh and did I mention.... he's so SEXYYYY?!!!
John Lennon is a sex god
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