stupid prune faced liberal who never had any idea what he was talking about, but rambled endlessly like a teenage girl.
The only thing Kerry did right was concede when he knew he lost.
by manohmanoh March 19, 2005
a conceding quitter, You should stick with it to the end TO THE END!!!
We almost got rid of Bush but John Kerry's quitter
by colorguardhobbit November 03, 2004
The 2004 presidential candidate who, if he had been elected, would have been:
-the ugliest American president, beating out either Abe Lincoln or Zachory Taylor.
-The first non-Christian president.
-The first president to betray his country and protest it's military efforts.
-The most cowardly president that would take no action whatsoever against terrorist attacks on American soil.
-The most divisive president that led to a second civil war in America; this time it would be a military conflict between Red and Blue states.
Thank the Lord that John Kerry is not the president. Otherwise, I would currently be dead, most likely after a plane with an Arab terrorist crashed into the Key Tower and the building fell on me in the streets.
by Journey Fan May 11, 2005
A total douchebag wanker who would have led to the ruination of the United States and even worse relations with us in the United Kingdom.
This loser has now become synonymous with that word: loser. He has a serious lack of morals, and I can obviously tell that he is NOT a Christian; the incorrect reading from the Bible was a dead give away, wouldn't you say? So, the Democrats in America represent and support the poor, do they? Then how do you explain Kerry being even richer than George Bush and being involved with the Heinz Corporation? Not to mention that numerous, Hollywood celebrities with more money than The Who will ever have also vote Democrat and condemn the Republican Party and the tens of millions of members and voters within it.
John Kerry=Loser. A wanker? Yes. A total hypocrite? No doubt!
by jonesy May 11, 2005
Contrary to popular belief, Kerry was not a liberal. Kerry was the first communist candidate to come close to becoming the United States of America's president. For more information, visit
Heil Heinz!
For the U.S.S.A!
by Scott March 29, 2005
A limousine liberal pollutocrat who wanted to tax YOUR pants off to pay for socialist medicine and free abortions for all soccer moms.

A liberal twit who shoots geese to show he's really a good ol boy at heart. He wants to take away YOUR gun, but not the crips' guns.

A pantywaist who wants all prancing poofters to get married. Then maybe all the little doggies and kitties can get married too. And the horsey set people can marry their horses.
John Kerry is a mush wimp liberal who wants YOUR wallet.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 21, 2005
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