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The guitarist for a band called The Summer Set. Also happens to be one sexy-ass motherfucker. Vegetarian. Pen-biter. Vans-lover. Brother of Stephen Gomez. Elevator Dominator. Majestic unicorn.

Don't even try it, ladies. He's taken. (by me ;D)
Girl one: OMG who was that hot guy with the lensless glasses?
Girl two: John Gomez. He's so fucking sexy!
Girl one: I know, riteee? *drools*
Girl two: Un-uhhh, girl he's MINE.
by LoveLikeThis April 27, 2010
A guitar player for a band called The Summer Set. The most gorgeous man alive. Also the most sexually fantasized man ever to live, and there a small chance he might be Jesus. If Stevie Wonder and Prince had a baby, he would be their white offspring.
Jeepers mister John Gomez, you're a cutie.
by July 23, 2010
Guitarist//Backup vocalist for The Summer Set. Extremely beautiful. Has the best glasses ever. Curly hair. Tells the funniest jokes. Gives the best hugs. All hail John Gomez!
Guy: Who's that guy with the awesome glasses and the cool hair?

Girl: Duh, it's John Gomez!

Guy: Oh, that guy with the cool voice?

Girl: And the sick guitar skills?

Guy: The guy that tells all those funny jokes?

Girl: The guy that's too sexy to punch the maid? (from songlibs vid on youtube)

Guy: Yeah! The guy with the Vans Eras?

Girl: The guy that gives amazing hugs?

... and so on for another decade.
by FYjohngomez December 09, 2010
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