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1. A small high school in Long Island, New York, abbreviated as JGHS or Elwood.
2. Usually throws the best parties compared to Commack and other districts.
3. Where rumors spread to everybody in hours.
4. The cafeteria has a gradient of social classes.
5. The freshman hallway always smells like smoke and weed.
6. At least one bomb threat from the middle school every month.
7. You go to Marino if you need a late pass.
8. You wish you could move far, far away.
9. You always find out that one person who was sending you shit on Formspring.
10. Gum is the new currency and BBM is your means of communication.
11. Everyone knows your name, not your story.
12. You know one random fact about almost everyone in the building.
13. You enjoy pissing Mr. Rose off at one point in your life.
14. You anticipate Freshman Friday every year even though you know what it's all about.
15. You avoid the student lot when it rains at all costs.
Commack:"Did you hear about that girl that passed out drunk last friday night?"
John Glenn High School: "Yeah, the whole school knows, that's normal."
Commack: "Oh...Got any weed for me?"
John Glenn High School: "Obviously."
by hip stir November 02, 2011
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