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Popular celebrity in Leander, Texas who visited our school. He gave a speech on how he gained fame after taking 2 orphaned children with mental disabilities, named Levi and Jonathan, into his home and raising them. The story was later published in a local newspaper and the town now praises him for such a selfless act. He asked us and the other students if we would like to participate in his fundraiser to help other mentally disabled people like poor Levi. We all think that John is the epitome of what every human should strive to be like if this world is to ever be a better place. He is sometimes referred to as, "Texas Champion" or "The man who can do no wrong". Me and the other students want to grow up to be just like him. Now when someone does something really great, we call them "John England". Sometimes it gets kind of confusing though, but we all laugh about it.
Richard saved a puppy from a burning building. That's something John England would do.
by Clay Nelson June 23, 2005
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