The John Elway is a type of grenade throw in Call of Duty 4 (or any first-person shooter) where the thrower blindly heaves a high-arcing grenade that results in a kill.
Did you see me John Elway that guy?

Dammit! I just respawned and got John Elway'd!
by meansparty May 16, 2010
A great quarter back for the Broncos, an average quarter back for a sucky Stanford Cardinal team. Some people believe that if he had won the 1982 big game against Cal, he would have one the Heisman. However Cal lateraled the ball 5 times to score. The fact is you can't win the Heisman if you go 6-4.
(Person) "There is not a single college quarter back better than John Elway."

(Person 2) "Your such a dumbass I can't even begin to say how wrong you are."
by The1211998 on new email November 12, 2011
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