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a general word for a man(see also Jane Doe)
The police were not able to identify the victim, so they simply refered to him as John Doe.
by Light Joker January 24, 2005
1. A fictitious name used to identify an unknown man or body. Also referred to as 'Jane Doe'.
2. An unidentified man.
3. An alias used in legal proceedings to identify an unknown male.
The police were unable to identify the victim, so they simply referred to him as 'John Doe'.
by dubwub August 20, 2014
Another name for a Condom: "a thin sheath made of latex that slips right onto the male member. It comes in different sizes, flavors and even colours."
"I went to the supermarket to get some John Does and bumped into my date for this evening.. awkward!"
by YouLookSleepy July 14, 2012
Serial killer from the movie Seven.

One of Steven Seagal's characters.

Default name for your multiplayer character on Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield.
"He got killed by John Doe"
by Darracker July 12, 2004
(1)Human figure and symbol of morality, dominion, and virility (See God)

(2) According to Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology, John Doe is notoriously known for the death of Zeus, over an altercation over a game of Canasta.
"When you say John Doe, you've said it all"
"And on the eighth day, God created John Doe"
"John Doe- One Name, One Legend"
(courtesy of
by PhillipH. November 21, 2007
When something is too plain for other definitive words. They or it
are neither one thing or another. Drab. Boring. Doesn't stick in your mind.
"he didn't do anything for me for my was liike, totally john Doe".
"this soup is really john doe, you should add some salt and pepper at least.".
" I know you want me to buy a ford taurus, Mom, but they're just so john doe, ya know?

by Kmoney 801 July 09, 2006
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