A random new meme taking over the internet, in which someone says "I am" or "my name is" or "it's" and a man yells "JOHN CENA" followed by the blasting of the song "My Time Is Now" by John Cena
Jim Gordon approaches the boy. He looks at him. He asks his name. The boy looks up and shouts "JOHN CENA!"
"I can't believe I just got 'John Cena'd!"
by Ghost Joka November 23, 2015
When you are giving it to a chick from behind, you yell out "Who's the boss?" She'll get confused, turn her head around, at this moment, you donkey punch her in the face and then scream John Cena
hey dude, Yesterday I John Cena'd your Sister and her Anus felt so good man
by JOHN_FUCKING_CENA January 12, 2016
And the new president of the USA is JOHN CENA!!!
You can't see me!
by RnnyG..... '-' December 22, 2015
John Cena is a Dank meme 420 blaze it that you cant see. He smokes weed four hundred and twenty times an hour with his buddy rko and sn00p doge. so watch out.
dank meme 1: hey feg wuna smok da gud w33d m9?

dank meme 69: pleb no i is 3dank5u

dank meme 1: pls carry me john cena

dank meme 69: no skrubl0rd47 i cary kool ppls liek me

dank meme 1: i cri ervytiem
by xxskrubmastr73xx December 06, 2015
The sexual act of waiting for your partner to command you to shout her name, but instead shouting "JOHN CENA!" as loud as possible while simultaneously putting her in a chokehold, lift her off the bed/couch/table and slamming her to the ground, and then running around the room singing the theme song while helicoptering until you nut.
"How was sex last night"
"Pretty good until he pulled a John Cena"
#john #cena #wrestle #sex #slam #helicopter
by Nicolas Cena September 17, 2015
The Act of Disappearing or leaving a social event unnoticed,or Facebook chat or in-boxing session without saying bye.
(You cant see me)
Dude,what the hell happened last night?you did a John Cena on me on facebook,what the Hell?

Guys,we need to Make a John Cena Escape from this Party.
#john cena #you cant see me #cena #escape #disappearance
by MaddoxMoose October 17, 2011
pro wrestler, also stars in various movies such as "12 rounds".

is often called upon to draw parrallels with things that are intentionally bad or failing that... bad to such a degree that they no longer become disappointing.
i appreciated the twilight saga on the john cena level.
#john cena #john cena level #troll #cena #cena level
by minigin April 15, 2011
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