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A gun designer with over 100 gun patents to his name, all of which were successfully sold and put into production. His first patent was for a rifle and sold for $8,000 during the late 1800s. Corrected for inflation, this would be enough to live off the interest in comfort. His most profitable design sold for an estimated $50,000. Many of his models are still in use today, such as the 1911 .45 ACP and the M2 machine gun, which is nearly unchanged beyond higher quality materials even to this day. Followed the engineering concept of KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

He was a member of the LDS faith, also known as Mormons.
John Browning was a genious with gun design.
by Napoleon the Clown July 08, 2006
A firearms designed that was active in the late 19th century up until his death in 1926. Primarily notable for being the inventor of the modern semi-automatic pistol.
John Browning invented the pistol as we know it today, but also invented some machine guns and longarms.
by Phil McAwesome February 23, 2008
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