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( jO-guh-jie )

Used as a hurtful insult, originally derived from the basque last name "Jauregui." Having multiple meanings, the most prominent of which being "a dumb nagger" ("nagger" in substitution for "nigger," however this term can refer to people of all races). One who is referred to as a "jogahji" has no regard for authority, does not employ common sense, and/ or enjoys kissing rainbows.
1) Youz a dangummit jogahji, and das all ya'll eva be.

2) Stop bein' onea dem dangdung jogahjis.

3) Dis dumb nagger is a dowrigh' jogahji.

4) Whoeva clogged da shitta is a damn jogahji.

5) Rashaad, stop bein'a damn jogahji.
by jomama_217 August 04, 2011