The BEST metal drummer in metal history, in the band Slipknot, is incredibly sexy, and also plays guitar for the Murderdolls. And someday he's going to marry me
Joey Jordison is incredibly sexy.
by Elise esilE June 25, 2005
drumer for slipknot and guitarst formurderdolls
very talented man...and one of the fasts drumers in the history of metal or nu-metal sexy lil bitch AND HES MINE U HEAR! lol...
daniela:hey look its joey and eric!
me: huh wot wear ?!?!
daniela:over there *points at bar*
me holy shit wot are we waiting for?
daniela:i dunno
me:*walks over to joey and befor i can say anything lands on the floor with joey makeing out furiously*
daniela:wow wanna do that to?
by squee June 03, 2005
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