The Joey is a variation of the batwing where the skin of the scrotum is stretched out then raised above, just exposing the bellend of the penis. After they see your balls/penis it is critical to insult them for being such a faggot while you are kicking them in the ass for looking at it.
Moe: JOEEEY!! (while exposing the Joey)
Alex: god damnit
Moe: Thats 5 kicks you faggot! I can't believe how gay you are.
A construction worker.
"Hey Joey! Hand me that fu*kin' wrench!"
by bgfolio November 30, 2006
The term joey means they will do "favours" for people without asking will I get one back or simply saying OK (but all the time)... OK this is fine once in while but a joey is a bully victim in the end and is always doing these "favours" Be it on the playground or in the workplace. A joey will always be a joey. ala the fat bird who holds all her mates coats in nightclubs when there all dancing.

Also in Manchester a joey is a word for a taxi.
Pete: Ye I got him to go the shop for my cigs without enough money!
Sandra:Ye an wot?
Pete: He came back with a 20 deck an said nout.
Sandra: What a joey!
by MUFC OK August 21, 2006
a term for a girls pooch because it looks like a kangaroo's pouch
Did you see the joey she was carrying?
by WDNR April 03, 2006
The unsightly fat pouch-y area you grow just above your belt line.
Sadly- her Joey had exceeded all her previous expectations and fears.
by Kitty a go go February 14, 2015
Joey is a tall, hot, nice guy whom every body seems to want to lick his face off Because of his awesomely sexy skin. He is sweet and kind and all ways goes out of his way to see others that hs cares about and is loved by everyone even me
Joey is so cute
by jntu February 06, 2015

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