an ugly, boring, fag, guy that thinks black.
has a pizza face
"stop being a joey, and talk!"
by carlla August 25, 2008
fag who like men and and stuff up his but
did you see joey at the gay bar?
A tall, lanky jackass who thinks he is the "shit" when really he is just a piece of shit. He gives rambling lectures about things such as Orioles...not the baseball team...the bird. He is commonly misconstrued as gay due to his excessively large Express only wardrobe. He is a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy. Commonly referred to as the jackass!
"My boyfriend just broke up with me over Facebook.."

by Samalu and Emjeku April 05, 2007
1.Baby kangaroo
2.Duck lover
1. A joey just popped out of that kangaroo!
2.Yea what can i say, I am a joey.
by Ducklover January 28, 2006
one with small genitals.
that person is a joey.
by 765763257652345238 December 26, 2008
An Australian term for a homosexual man who is unpleasantly fat and un-attractive.
Girl: Seeing a Joey at the club last night almost made me want to turn lesbian.
by H00chymama January 08, 2008
a term for a dis-abled person.. taken from the british t.v program 'spaced'
'Get off me u joey!'
by Ben Dover6000 December 18, 2007

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