1. the one and only jew.

2.he has a nice asshole, it is lickable. all can resist him but jimmy proper risk.
by foweesha September 04, 2008
One who's knees buckle under them, also dances and sings uncontrollably.
Don't be a Joey tonight.
by I know who I am February 09, 2008
person from Massachusetts who travels to New Hampshire solely to take up space and look at foliage in the fall
Look at that douche looking at leaves. He's such a joey.
by TheCoolFool December 21, 2008
Fat person or thing. Often addicted to Tim Hortons and McDonald's, they generally eat constantly. Can also be used as an adjective.
My friend's cat is a joey.
by Abso August 21, 2007
A rather stupid, shallow character from Friends.
I hurt my Joey's apple!
by SosieBiallissimo August 11, 2007
Slang term for a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, derived from the name of their prophet, Joseph Smith. See also, "pole-toucher".
"I'll have a whiskey double."
"Sorry, I can't serve that to you."
"Why not?"
"Because this is Utah, and the Joeys won't let me."

"Hey, do you want to go into that great and spacious building with me?"
"Sorry, dude, I'm totally a Joey."

"Excuse me sir, but why is your hand on that rod?"
"Because I'm a Joey."
by bortschuss April 24, 2007
an ugly, boring, fag, guy that thinks black.
has a pizza face
"stop being a joey, and talk!"
by carlla August 25, 2008

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