1.Baby kangaroo
2.Duck lover
1. A joey just popped out of that kangaroo!
2.Yea what can i say, I am a joey.
by Ducklover January 28, 2006
one with small genitals.
that person is a joey.
by 765763257652345238 December 26, 2008
An Australian term for a homosexual man who is unpleasantly fat and un-attractive.
Girl: Seeing a Joey at the club last night almost made me want to turn lesbian.
by H00chymama January 08, 2008
a term for a dis-abled person.. taken from the british t.v program 'spaced'
'Get off me u joey!'
by Ben Dover6000 December 18, 2007
1. To pull a joey...to hack or otherwise corrupt a computer network
2. Baby kangaroo
3. The soul cause of racism in school house
4. General dropout chinese person who thinks he's the chosen one
3. common misconception that all asians are the same or similar to joey...JOOOOOOOOOEEEEEY! ffs why are there chinese people in this house anyway?!?
4. 'im going down for you guys...like jesus did'
by . .. ... .. . November 15, 2006
An upper class male or female that buys the best sporting equipement and therefore, gives himself he is a pro and owns the place when in reality he's just a dick with alot of money and no skill.
Dude, the joeys are coming up to the mountain from Long Island today...no freshies for them!
by kalomira August 10, 2006
a queer who likes thinks shoved up his anus is the way 2 go usually has a crack head brother a fat dad and and sister and mom have moustaches and facial hair these kids are usually fat and live near beaners they are cheap.these kids usually dont date girls they go for men and they cant play any sports they like cock. there faverite bands are usually backstreet boy,nsync, or dream street.they sometimes make their myspaces and pretend to have people talk to them to feel good it makes them feel like they just got a huge cock shoved up their mangina.
that queer watching brokeback mountain is a joey.
by sexybask6996 February 01, 2008

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