a young Asian man, who lives in Indiana and is discovering he is the chosen one, an ancient Korean samurai warrior who is destined to save man kind!
Man 1- do you know joey?

Man 2- Yes the gods chose him as the chosen one!

Man 1- He will save man kind
by thedarkflyinghorse November 03, 2009
A man's best friend. The action of getting a BJ while watching TV. You sit on the couch and your girlfriend (or in some cases your boyfriend) gives you head while you watch you favorite cartoon show. You can also use her head as a table for all those snacks you bring with you.
I just got a joey while I was watching Full House with my favorite actor Bob Saget!!!
by Mr Joey The Hoey June 02, 2009
-an asshole who breaks hearts.
-plays girls.
-and just generally wants to get some.
-yet he doesn't believe in "hitting and quitting".
-dick face.

WARNING: don't fall for one of these,
they won't catch you.
"hey whats wrong?"
"oh im getting played by a joey."
by cgarmyroyaoce August 28, 2008
a 'Spastic'; someone of subnormal intelligence.
see 'Joey Deacon', of Blue Peter fame Circa 1981
by James Coppard June 19, 2005
A really ugly, chubby kid. Dates ugly girls and never gets anywhere with them. Is usually obsessed with video game and does nothing but sit around and play them.
Man everyone hates Joey, all he does is play video games!
by George13245 December 05, 2010
A retarded skiier that's usually a tourist, and even more often a kid under 9 years old. They have a Joey Gap, Joey Tuck, and a Joey Wobble. They also seem to love to ruin jumps...
Guy 1 on a chairlift: Dude look at that bad skiier

Guy 2 on the same chairlift: Wow what a joey!
by pintsizeslash3r January 21, 2010
To jerk off; beat off; masturbate.
"Power's not coming out tonight."
"He's probably joeying."
by Basic Knowledge April 17, 2008

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