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The hottest sexiest thing alive. I wanna lick his face off.
I wish my boyfriend was a Joey.
I know don't we all?
by Niobi January 17, 2008
An amazing boy that makes you cry and steals your heart. He's not yours and he's older than you by 2 years. She's pretty and it hurts but hey make a great couple. You may love him forever.
Me: I have another problem.
BFF: it's not about Joey again is it?
Me: well yeah his gf is amazing
BFF: another night of crying for u?
by ILoveHimIthurts <3 November 03, 2013
A guy name, typically has a big cock and a muscular body
I'm so sick of nerdy tiny cocked Pauls in bed, I really need a nice Joey to take me to pound town
by 1+3=5 March 07, 2012
Joey is a boy name, but SOMETIMES a girl one! Joey is a nice, blonde blue eyes, sexy, hot girl. She loves attention and is very modest. You could say she's perfect, 'cause she almost is, but one thing is her being TOO FRIENDLY with other guys, sometimes it's worrying 'cuz she's so pretty! She is bisexual, but mostly guys. She loves rap and RnB. She has the voice of a goddess and has the moste amazing 1000 dollar smile EVER. she is sensible to poverty, sick and dying.
Guy 1: "Im going out with this REALLY hot chick, but she's not like your girlfriend... I don't know, yours just is so... better."
Guy 2: "Joey is mine. I was lucky enough to charm her. TOO BAD! suckeeeer!"
by JustAGuy.... September 24, 2011
Gay men that surround and fall in love with only straight men.
He's a joey so if you're gay you have no chance with him.
by dlall82 November 06, 2014
Coming to a full stop at an intersection that has no stop sign.
My dad pulled a Joey, and the guy behind us started honking.
by Cellly June 25, 2013
either a baby kangaroo, or the an adorable person who is nice to everyone he meets. he makes me melt everytime i see him. girls want to be with him and guys want to be him. he will win your heart with only a wink, and he doesn't even know it. once he's in your life, there's no turning back. he will be stuck in your mind forever. many people are yet to meet a joey, and i pity them. joey is unforgettable.
"hey, that guy reminds me of a baby kangaroo!"
"yeah, i know, right? it's actually just joey."
"i think i love him"
"no, he just looked at you."
by lollipop lamoureux February 19, 2012
a perfect boyfriend.

hotter and better than all other guys.
including josh hutcherson.
he's funny and cute and the best kind of guy out there.
joey edwards is perfect
by nigger cats February 04, 2012

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