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The hottest sexiest thing alive. I wanna lick his face off.
I wish my boyfriend was a Joey.
I know don't we all?
by Niobi January 17, 2008
a douche bag - loud mouth - bullshiter - doesn't understand english that well, or he just cannot use the language properly - no one likes them - and they have a big personality to make up for his tiny penis.
"you know who sucks, that joey kid"
by Legenday February 09, 2010
Really hard working guy, that says too much too often. Complete target for gay jokes, but he kind of likes it and might have a gambling problem.
Did you just hug your boss? You are such a Joey.
by lovin February 04, 2010
a gay boy who tries to cover up by asking out my girlfriend over and over again . he wont give up even though i will kick his ass if he doesnt stop.. no one likes him and eh thinks hes the shit .
joey is a faggot
by haha joey is gay December 21, 2009
ecstacy pill, coined after revelations that Andrew "joey" John's had been caught in possession of an ecstacy pill in London.
"hey man, you gettin on the joey's tonight or what"
by storkman January 15, 2008
A Feminine "male" who is girlish enough to be "metro", yet too "manly" to be gay.

Or so the Joey says. .

"Like. .Ohmigosh, he is SUCH a Joey with that man-purse of his. ."
by Anonymousasyourmom March 26, 2007
Slang for an extremely inexperienced skier riding in an unusual way most likely in a wide criss-cross pattern taking up most of the trail; usually of young age yet there have been sightings of older joeys.

Also look up: joey bumps; joey twist; joey hill.
I was just up on Black Bear.

Yeah? How was it?

Well, if it weren't for some joeys it would have been nice.
by Kevin O'Such January 30, 2008
A man who eats everything he finds. Currently weighs close to 2500 pounds after going on a diet. Was adopted by God Zilla at the age of six and is said to be blamed for the sudden disappearance of King Kong after the early 2000's. Last known whereabouts were in a federal penitentiary that he was working furiously to eat his way out.
Guard: "Joey has almost eaten his way out!"
Warden: "Rebuild the wall, quickly! But make sure that he doesn't eat the construction workers too""
by Man who lost his keys March 26, 2010
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